Just make Art Vol.02, collages

Almost a year since my last craft update. (^-^ ;") I am fickle and I lose heart half way through the things I do. Hopefully this time I don't break the streak. I have a plan. (Mainly following Seinfield Strategy.)

I spent more time than I thought I should have on this. I guess I should have stopped and did the things I needed to do but I didn't want to lose the momentum. The past fears and struggle are slowly starting to creep in but I will be braver this time. And also a lot wiser. There is no growth without struggle. Bring it on, self!

Untitled 0.0

Collage Work | heyladyspring.com


Untitled 1.0

Collage Work | heyladyspring.com

Collage Work | heyladyspring.com

Collage Work | heyladyspring.com

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