Life recently 40, December

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Perhaps spurned on by the end of 2015, I spent the last days of the year on intense introspection, in deep thought of days past and ahead of me. I realized if I am to truly end the year right I should start with forgiveness.

Tell me the story of your fractured pieces. The person you never became and all the ways in which you let her die.

For all the mistakes and compromises I never would have thought I could do, all of these I have learned to let go, forgive, and ultimately heal myself. Forgiveness is a gift I choose to give myself.


As a last hurrah for 2015, here are a few snippets of my life last December. This is the thing about being busy though, your days pass by in a breath. I admit I kept a dismal record of my activities. My days fleeted between going to work, going out with friends, reading books (a total of 3 if memory serves me right). Life happened mainly.

I vow to do a lot better this 2016. I find that it makes me sane to be reminded (through my own writing) that my life is not just a series of comings and goings but a solid, tactile string of events and milestones.

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Reading as much as I could fit in 31 days. Also started on my book / life journal. Stay tuned on my next posts or on instagram!

December book haul |

Acquiring books faster than I read them. #booknerdproblems

Friends  |

I spent as much time as I could reconnecting with friends, which I admit I often took for granted. Just being with them, imbibing their energy.

Peter Pan Ballet Philippines |

Experiencing art in every form I can. I have recently grown fond of watching ballet shows. I love the energy it emits transforming curious me into an instant fan. Two shows so far, I can't wait till the next show!

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