Forgiveness is a gift

This year has been a mad roller-coaster of emotions. I tried out a lot of things, quite a few didn't work out and I learned a heck of a lot! The kind of things I will never do again because of all the juju it took out of me. Surprisingly though, I feel better. Did I just survive this year of epic fail-ness? Yes I did!


Self love. I learned that there is no other love more giving and fulfilling than loving yourself. The love I hoped to find elsewhere is within me all this time. I am whom I seek.

Roads to take. What will I be? I am as confused as ever. I am still working on it. I recognize time is ticking so I need to work twice as hard. I know who I want to be and that's what I will keep on aiming for.

Reality. Dreaming is good but reality is better. Let your mind soar but don't let it sit in the clouds too long. Start small and believe in the beauty of your dreams.


Before I enter the new year I want to focus on forgiveness and making amends for all the wrong choices I made. For all the times I let myself fracture and break into pieces. Forgiveness after all is a gift you give your self.

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