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A whole new way of living started for me this August. I went back to school and got a new job. (。◕‿‿◕。)ノシ SPELL busy! I'm super woman lately. haha

I'm learning a lot from both. I now realize that my past mindset was mediocre. I tried to do my job well but I missed the whole point by light years. It's not about getting used to what you're doing. It's about learning and having passion for your job.
Yesterday was especially hard. I broke down from too much stress. I am looking at it as growing pains. The usual way I'm doing things is no longer effective. I need to adapt in order to excel. It's a really hard process but I am positive I will make it through fine as the days go by.

Preparing to go to work. ||

Life is short. Just buy the shoes. ||

Food porn. ||

Words of wisdom. ||

Knowledge is a path to a better place. ||

  1. It's really nice to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work. I love dayshift!
  2. My weapons in life ;)
  3. The way I deal with stress is food binge! Ugh I already gained 5kgs and it won't budge!
  4. Words of wisdom in the most unlikely place.
  5. Knowledge is a path to a better place.

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