Life recently 37

  1. July started off with bad weather while my nerves were feeling pretty much the same.  Honestly I only gave this my 80%. I have really bad studying habits. (¬_¬) Results are in July 27!!! OMG!! Σ( ̄o ̄lll)
  2. Taisho Ramen~ perfect for bed weather. Meal after JLPT exam.
  3. Zero visibility with 3 storms hitting the Philippines one after another.
  4. Tempura heaven~~
  5. To cap off July, I won 2 free tickets for BIGBANG MADE in Manila~ (。◕‿‿◕。)ノシ
  6. July you have been good. Thank you!!

Ahem did I just eat all throughout July?! hahaha

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