Life recently 38

A whole new way of living started for me this August. I went back to school and got a new job. (。◕‿‿◕。)ノシ SPELL busy! I'm super woman lately. haha

I'm learning a lot from both. I now realize that my past mindset was mediocre. I tried to do my job well but I missed the whole point by light years. It's not about getting used to what you're doing. It's about learning and having passion for your job.
Yesterday was especially hard. I broke down from too much stress. I am looking at it as growing pains. The usual way I'm doing things is no longer effective. I need to adapt in order to excel. It's a really hard process but I am positive I will make it through fine as the days go by.

Preparing to go to work. ||

Life is short. Just buy the shoes. ||

Food porn. ||

Words of wisdom. ||

Knowledge is a path to a better place. ||

  1. It's really nice to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work. I love dayshift!
  2. My weapons in life ;)
  3. The way I deal with stress is food binge! Ugh I already gained 5kgs and it won't budge!
  4. Words of wisdom in the most unlikely place.
  5. Knowledge is a path to a better place.

Find your Courage

Goals board 2015 |

In line with my plans for the next 3-5 years of my life – focused on investing in myself – I have gone back to school. It's quite exciting really, being back after so many years. The understanding comes easy. Though I have a lot to re-learn.

Why go back you ask? For the very same reason we read books. We want to learn. We want to expand our thinking beyond the four corners of our room. I was guilty of the mentality "I'm too old for school". Like there is a set range of years to be in it. But now that I have gained a wider perspective, that kind of thinking – I realize – is mediocre. We have one life to live. Are we really prepared to spend it un-lived?

I prepared for this great leap months ahead. I also work full time so I had to really put effort into it. I knew what needs to be done and where to go. Actually doing it though is another thing. I had to find my courage. I woke up one morning, put on a nice pair of shoes and dove right into it. Sometimes overthinking doesn't get you anywhere. Find your courage.

Life recently 37

  1. July started off with bad weather while my nerves were feeling pretty much the same.  Honestly I only gave this my 80%. I have really bad studying habits. (¬_¬) Results are in July 27!!! OMG!! Σ( ̄o ̄lll)
  2. Taisho Ramen~ perfect for bed weather. Meal after JLPT exam.
  3. Zero visibility with 3 storms hitting the Philippines one after another.
  4. Tempura heaven~~
  5. To cap off July, I won 2 free tickets for BIGBANG MADE in Manila~ (。◕‿‿◕。)ノシ
  6. July you have been good. Thank you!!

Ahem did I just eat all throughout July?! hahaha