Leona's Art restaurant: Maginhawa

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

I live relatively close to Maginhawa St. but sadly don't visit as often as I would have liked. I still have a slight apprehension against eating alone you see. If I'm in a cafe I wouldn't mind but doing so in a restaurant is just not fun. Food just taste a lot better when I'm with company.

And so on one particularly tiring day we decided to eat dinner here after running around Makati the whole afternoon. I guess we were lucky, there weren't that many people. Maybe because it was Monday?

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

Leona's Art restaurant is a restaurant converted home which adds coziness to the place. It feels like you're eating in your own dinner table. I was expecting more art – being an art restaurant and all – but I guess they focused on knickknacks and fixtures, the kind you see on vintage or country style houses.

I particularly love the ceramic installations. Now that I think about it. I wish I'd asked how they attached them on the wall. #interiordesigntips!

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

Leona's Art restaurant is known for their pizza. We did not try them though, we were supposed to go food hopping so we opted to eat something light. (or so we thought! haha) I definitely need to try them next time.

Maria Shrimp, Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

Maria shrimp is a lightly creamed shrimp and mushroom pasta dish. I love the mixture of cheese, garlic, and cayenne pepper. I can almost taste it now. *yum*

Chicken Cucumber, Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

Raph ordered this Chicken cucumber rice dish. I wish I had tried a bite. He seems to love it because he couldn't stop talking about it even after we were out of the restaurant. It was the red sauce I think.

The dishes are prepared after you order so ready your conversation or a book. This is definitely not fast food you guys~ but once the dishes are there you will not regret it.

When you're in Maginhawa try this quaint homey restaurant and fill your tummies with awesome food!

Leona's Art restaurant
45 Matimtiman Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

© Photos by Donna and Raph

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