July book haul

I was supposed to study at JFM library but I woke up late so I decided to go to FullyBooked BGC instead. I wish I'm here every week. It's so cozy~

FullyBooked BGC | heyladyspring.com

Ahem...and Yes I bought more books despite my very slow reading progress. In my defense, they are really small thin books. ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ

The Little Prince | heyladyspring.com

Finally got around to reading The Little Prince but I don't think I absorbed it enough. Hmn I just have this bursting feeling to talk about it with someone. Discuss it further and suck the marrow out of its pages. It's that kind of book. 彡

Penguin Little Black Series | heyladyspring.com

#Booknerd Wishlist: Kobo Glo reader

For a time I didn't see myself owning an eBook reader because I'm a traditional bibliophile. I love running my fingers across the spine of books, smelling the pages, and flipping across each page with gusto. So as it turned out it is that same desire for books and stories – and my lack of bookshelf space – that had me thinking I may just need one.

01 ≈ As much as I want to buy all the books I want to read, it is impractical and there are certain books that I don't necessarily want to collect. My bookshelf is only 3 layers after all and full enough as it is. And I have this feeling of guilt whenever I buy a book that I know I'm never going yo re-read. Besides there are some things you are allowed to experience but not to keep. (#hugot! hahahaha Anyway...) I'm throwing off a Nabokov quote here, "One cannot read a book: one can only reread it". Thus the solution would be eBooks~ I can read all the chicklits and the romcoms I want without breaking my budget! This would open me up to other genres I would otherwise pass up.

02 ≈ Oh look battery life is 1 month! It may also depend how often you use it though.

03 ≈ I like to wander and bringing books I'm currently reading has been a real pain – physically too, lugging around all those books. Now why do I need to bring them with me in the first place if I'm just going to do errands and stuff. You would not believe how much reading time you can do when you're outside. These days it seems we need to queue in line for everything and those idle packets of time are perfect to read. Just stop fiddling with your phone for a while. Those posts are not going to disappear if you don't read them now!

04 ≈ I am planning to do a bit of traveling locally towards the end of this year and at least one in Asia by next year. I'm going the backpacker route so I am not bringing a lot!

05 ≈ ah I'm getting way ahead of myself.~ I'm going to stop myself here because I'm not going to get myself one right this moment. I intend to practice the lost art of delayed gratification. Break the habit of getting everything easy without conscious effort and deliberation.

06 ≈ Though I have savings for times like this, I will start from 0 so I will feel the weight of this purchase. I hope to minimize my impulse buying behavior.

07 ≈ I want to treat this as a reward for myself after I complete my 2015 reading challenge. It also stops me from hoarding too many books without reading them. My TBR pile is already threatening to engulf me. ( T_T)\(^-^ )

Kobo is available in National Bookstore. (No this is not a sponsored post! I just fell in love with it that's all~ :p)

Leona's Art restaurant: Maginhawa

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

I live relatively close to Maginhawa St. but sadly don't visit as often as I would have liked. I still have a slight apprehension against eating alone you see. If I'm in a cafe I wouldn't mind but doing so in a restaurant is just not fun. Food just taste a lot better when I'm with company.

And so on one particularly tiring day we decided to eat dinner here after running around Makati the whole afternoon. I guess we were lucky, there weren't that many people. Maybe because it was Monday?

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

Leona's Art Restaurant | heyladyspring.com

BIGBANG #concertbreak: A fangirl's account

BIGBANG #concertbreak in Manila | heyladyspring.com

Happenstance maybe or just destiny? Three years ago BIGBANG was in Manila for their Alive tour. That concert I prepared for and obsessed about. I even won a rehearsal pass for my soul-wrenching fangirl post. Haha. The universe though had a different plan for their second world tour. Two days before BIGBANG MADE in Manila I received a message from KitKat PH giving me – what I felt at that time – was the Eiffel Tower of all opportunity! As part of their #ConcertBreak promotion they gave away 2 free tickets to lucky lucky lucky fans on concerts happening in SM MOA Arena. They are sponsors for the whole year of 2015. Imagine my surprise when I found out I don't only get free tickets. I got a VIP pass so we didn't line up (although that is fun but definitely tiring!). We were seated at the KitKat PH lounge right smack in the middle of the stage! We also get our own ladies room about 20 steps from the viewing deck. So if you need a quick dash that will not be a problem. How awesome is that?! Imagine, it's only August, how many more concerts are lined up in the coming months! Join the #concertbreak and enjoy these perks like I did!

Thank you KitkatPH! *sending lots of love* ♥♥♥

My trusty BIGBANG lightstick | heyladyspring.com

BIGBANG #concertbreak at the KitKat lounge | heyladyspring.com

I'm sorry for my tired I no longer care how I look photo above. haha. Oh and warning! This post is image and #fangirl heavy starting from here. ~

Spaces / Places 01

I have, for a time now, flirted with the idea of pursuing a career in Interior Design. While I can definitely will myself to do so if I really want to, however with the number of things I want to do and the limited amount of energy I have at the present moment. This dream will remain on hold. I will tag it as a #hobby for now. And thus the start of another blog series.~

Spaces / Places is where I will share moods and looks that I like. You might want to check my previous design dumps here: Inspiration.

This is Jen Chu's 1/2 bedroom apartment. It fits her bed, closet, office and boudoir while still having enough space for decorations, art and knickknacks. I am seeing a lot of design principles that I can hack for my own bedroom – it is quite similar to this one but mine is filled with clutter and I primarily use it as my bookshelf.

One awesome tip she mentions is her use of pages from art magazines as art within her house. She cuts it out and frames them. The images change depending on what she has. This is a cheap and practical way to beautify a house if you don't have access to real art.

Suzi West and I have a lot of things in common. I would love to have a chest of drawers someday. It's the biggest piece in her house but it's also the one with the most charm. You instantly notice it!