Style: Vintage / Retro bag

These days whenever I go out, I bring a lot of stuff with me – that is my makeup, gadgets, camera, and books. And on certain days my nihongo reviewers. It has been chaos rummaging through my bag whenever I need something so in an attempt to organize I've bought plastic envelopes and pouch bags so everything is sorted out. So you see I really need to get a proper bag soon!

I'm currently fascinated with vintage style satchel bags that's not too bulky and plain looking. Sadly I did not find one I liked in SM North nor SM Megamall.

Would you believe I found this gorgeous bag online by chance? I received an email from Lazada approving my affiliate link. I was looking for items to feature and voila, here it is~ I'm currently renewing my BPI online card so I can purchase this. Praying to the shopping spirits, please don't go out of stock! I will buckets! (≖_≖) (ಥ﹏ಥ)

It has a mori girl / vintage chick look to it which I love. <3 haha~
Lady Retro Shoulder Purse Handbag/Cross Tote Bag (Lazada)

More satchel bags, only smaller.
1. Ansee Vintage Cross Body Bag | 2. Elena 5027 Crossbody Bag

Just in case the first one is out of stock (please no!!!) I could go with one of these.
1. 9067 Leather Shoulder Bag (Black) | 2. 6016 Leather Shoulder Bag (Chocolate Brown)

Life recently 36

Now that I think about it, June had been productive. I always feel like I'm not doing anything. haha Which is why I like writing these Life recently posts. It's a way for me to organize memories.~

  1. Nihongo is starting to make sense. I now understand what I'm reading. Studying is fun!
  2. Traffic is horrible and this place feels like an oasis. JFM Library Makati.
  3. Vietnamese food, hmn not sure if I like you.
  4. Art hunting in BGC.
  5. Leona's Art restaurant in Maginhawa. Posting the photos soon.
  6. Raph and I went on a book buying frenzy. haha

© Photos by Donna and Raph

Tam-Awan Village: Baguio travel diary

Tam-Awan Village: Baguio travel diary

Tam-Awan Village: Baguio travel diary

I arrived  in Baguio bus station a few minutes past 1 PM. For the day to be productive, I decided to visit Tam-awan village before looking for a hotel. Plus I needed to stretch, 6 hours travelling by bus is excruciating. Oh a little tip~ choose a seat at the very back of the bus – there's more leg room and it's not as bumpy as you think.

Tam-awan village was constructed for the purpose of educating about Cordilleran culture by making it accessible - location wise. They rebuilt and transported Ifugao houses from different parts of the Cordillera.

Music Mix: Moony

Music Mix: Moony |

Music Mix: Moony |

Music, as they say, speak to us like a friend but mostly it's our own souls affirming truths we cannot form words for. Emotions demand to be felt if we are to truly master ourselves. Introspection through sounds, waves and words.

This was my June playlist actually. Lately I'm listening to more upbeat songs. A change in perspective I guess. I am at peace with ... everything. ♪( ^-^) Life is good!

Music-wise my world is expanding. I am finding the kind of music I like to listen to without even trying. Thanks to my very cool Tita. "Why don't you have spotify? Download it!" lol

Eiga Sai 2015

Eiga Sai 2015

Every year at this time I am reminded how quickly time passes. This time last year I was having a really tough time and attending these film festivals was my therapy of sorts – somehow my worries then seem so naive when I think about it now. It is a curious feeling remembering your old self like they're separate from you. It sure is nostalgic.

But I digress, so – once again it is time for Eiga Sai.  I have attended this festival for 4 years now – and have amassed quite a lot of movies on my hard drive – which further validates how hooked I am on Japanese movies . :p My favorite genre are the ones with simple story-lines where nothing much really happens in the story – perfect example is Tamako in Moratorium. It's like watching snippets of someone's life – it is that gut wrenching slowness of life filled with emotion and drama mixed with good cinematography that has me coming back for more. ♪( ^-^)/

On with the lineup, hmn this year looks promising. .....

Wood Job | Eiga Sai 2015 Parasyte | Eiga Sai 2015

Wood Job is a coming of age film about Yuki Hirano who failed his college entrance exam and decides to enter the forestry service. Expect comedy and light drama. What I find engaging in stories like this is the celebration towards an unconventional career path (i.e. employee, lawyer, nurse, etc.) basically if you have a talent and heart for something and you do that work the best that you can (concept of Kodawari) then you are living a good life. Maybe because I also view my future in this way, they remind me to keep going and to walk my own path. (trailer)

Parasyte is a sci-film film about alien parasites infecting humans and invading their bodies and minds. One boy is able to fight it off and now the parasite lives on his right hand. Japanese mystery films (and even their drama series) are really good – they come up with bizarre plot lines and next thing you know you're in for an interesting ride. You never know how the story will twist and turn. So this is a definite must-watch. (trailer)