June 2015 Book haul

Bell Jar, Time Machine, Picture of Dorian Gray | June Book haul

I love art and design – generally all pretty things – so it is not a surprise that I sometimes choose books based on the cover. But of course it is still the story that ultimately sells it for me. I have on more than one occasion sold off an old copy in place of a reissue with better cover. ahaha ( ゚ 3゚)~♪

I'm currently reading The Time Machine but I haven't made much progress – slow reader is slow. (^_^ ;") I made it my reading goal to go through the Penguin Classic books – among others; Little black classics and Great Ideas. And because I want to hoard their pretty books. (─‿‿─) There are several editions but the ones I'm collecting are the paperback editions and maybe the clothbound ones for my favorites.

The Bell Jar | June book haul

I got these at FullyBooked, it's the only bookstore with this edition. And I finally got to visit their BGC location!! Hurrah! I live in QC and travelling via public transportation is a real pain. So I'm really happy I finally got to see it.

We love cheap books! | June book haul

What do we have here...more books! Raph and I have amassed quite a few more this month. Chalk it up to constant trips at Booksale. It's like we're magnetized. Haha. Whether we have finished our past book haul is another story though. :p We love cheap books to say the least. The books below only cost 35php-150php, Cool huh?!

Spending hours knee and elbow deep in books and finding a treasure now and again is one awesome way to spend your morning don't you think so?!

That's it for now. I really need to finish my current TBR book pile before I go on another book buying spree. ( ゚ 3゚)~♪ See you next time!

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