Art hunt at BGC

The summer heat rages on – yes there's the occasional rain shower – but generally it's been a real pain to wander in this heat. Just thinking about the heat, mrt and traffic is making me not want to get out of the house. I think complaining about the state of our public transportation here in the city is exhausting because it just gets worse and worse. The silver lining – I guess – is that you sort of go on a mini tour whenever you go some place far, you know to save time and effort.

Art hunt at BGC / astronaut

This day was jam-packed – to say the least. After fighting our way through the MRT with almost non-existent air-conditioning, Raph and I spent the fist half of the afternoon in Japan Foundation Manila to get our membership ID and get a bit of study time. And since we were already in Makati I insisted on spending the rest of the afternoon in Taguig. I've only been there twice and I really loved it. If only transportation isn't such a pain really I would be there every day!

There was a mural festival at the last week of May and I was following it via instagram. So I planned a sort of art hunt around BGC – we we're in a hunting mood. Raph and I have been watching seasons of Supernatural. It's about these two brothers who go out on a hunt for supernatural beings or phenomenons – so instead of ghosts we hunt for art. haha. I printed out a map of where these murals / street art were done based on what I got from Instagram. We didn't get all of them because we were so tired from walking and the heat was killing us.

On with the art then~

Art hunt at BGC / Anjo Bolarda

Artist: Anjo Bolarda / Location: Near timezone in Bonifacio High Street. I'm a great fan of his work. He's a really good artist. I have not been to any of his exhibits though because he usually does it at Vinyl on Vinyl gallery (Pasong Tamo) – it's so far ( T_T)

Art hunt at BGC / Astronaut

This one is huge and my personal favorite. It spans the side of Icon Plaza. I don't know if it was intended by the artist or just a happy accident but doesn't the ground look like a really sick earth – so astro here looks like he's floating above the earth. Artist: Cyrcle / Location: Corner of 25th St / 7th Ave. / BGC Map: letter D

Art hunt at BGC / Astronaut

Art hunt at BGC / Astronaut

Art hunt at BGC

Just something I found lying around on the side of the street.

Art hunt at BGC / One Global Place

Artist: Faile / Location: One Global Place / BGC Map: letter C.

Art hunt at BGC / AKA Corleone

Artist: AKA CorleoneBGC Map: letter B.

Art hunt at BGC / birds streetart

Artist: Nate Frizzell / Location: Near timezone in Bonifacio High Street.

Art hunt at BGC / bear streetart

Artist: Nate Frizzell / Location: Corner of 7th Ave. and Lane O (Bonifacio High Street) or look for ROX

Art hunt at BGC / FullyBooked tiger streetart

Artist: Nate Frizzell / Location: FullyBooked / BGC Map: letter E. Although astro is my favorite because it's really beautiful – Nate's works are a close second. I love the mix of graffiti and art. It's like a three dimensional world parallel to each other – you the viewer, the kids, and the graffiti animals.

Art hunt at BGC / bear streetart

Excuse the awkward face :p I'm just not photogenic. I have been rocking some serious school girl outfits lately. My hat is from anwco.

As for food. I am on a carnivorous mode the past weeks since I cut back on eating pork. Good thing there's beef – ah I love steak!~ While walking around Bonifacio High Street we found this restaurant called Wild West Roadhouse Grill (again keeping with the supernatural hunters theme – you'll know what I'm talking about if you watch the series) the food was amazing and satisfying. We kinda ordered a lot thinking we can pig out like usual but we were stuffed just with the appetizer alone. #foodcoma

Wild West Roadhouse Grill BGC

/end ( ^_^)v

Till the next art hunt! #Artventure

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