The Taiko Effect at CCP

A few days before the event I wasn't even sure if I was going. I had been quite unmotivated, but God has a way of nudging us so we realize it's time to move. When life gets tough, deliberately get lost in art, music, and culture. Your soul will thank you. So on my usually lazy Sunday, my restless soul went wandering.

The Taiko Effect - CCP

The Taiko Effect - CCP

From the first strum of the Koto; we were transported to a time of old old Japan. Where music is nature and nature is music.

The Koto is a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument. I've heard it played once before by a UP Diliman Music student, he said the instrument requires a different tuning for every music sheet. So each bridge is moved and tuned. He used a tuning instrument at that time but the player from the Mt. Fuji orchestra did it by ear. すごい です ね! (Amazing right?!) The Koto is usually accompanied by another traditional Japanese instrument, the Shakuhachi (flute).

This is one of the pieces they played during the event: はる の うみ (Haru no Umi) or Spring of Sea.

The Taiko Effect - CCP

After the calming tunes of the Koto and Shakuhachi comes the heart pounding beats of the Taiko. Have you ever been so excited you forgot to breath? It happened to me multiple times throughout the whole night! It's clear that they don't do what theydo just for entertainment or vanity. You can see it their eyes. It's like they're in war and the only way to survive is to beat their drums and practice their craft. This is what fascinates me about Japan and its people, it's their attitude towards their craft. There is one word to describe it: Kodawari: obsessive pursuit for perfection. It goes beyond the simple thought of "I will do my best." It is devoting your whole life and energy to that craft.

The Taiko is commonly used as おまつり (festival) music. Experience it for yourself here, I'm so glad for these videos, I didn't sneak a photo or video because I wanted to experience their music without distraction:

A preview of what's to come! Please watch us at the CCP Main Theater this April 11 & 12 at 8pm.Tickets are still available!(Performance at Banzai: The Great Teppanyaki Theater, MOA)
Posted by The Taiko Project on Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Taiko Effect - CCP

There's an ache inside me whenever I think of this night.  It was simply magical. I firmly believe in investing more on experiences and not on material things like food, makeup or clothes. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy pampering myself with such things; but I don't let it be the sole thing that gives me happiness.

The Taiko Effect - CCP

Crossing my fingers they come back here again soon. :)

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