Life recently... #35

Hello guys! Once again I am plagued by memory loss. While I try to fill my days with productivity and substance I still cannot recall specifically what I did the past 2 months. My mind desires order but all it churns out is entropy. Oh my chaotic mind, how you punish me.

As usual I have a serious backlog of photos.  (^-^;" )> So while I'm procrastinating here are slices from my life. This was April 2015. :)

Summer rain

Enjoying the bouts of rain we're getting. It gets confusing on the wardrobe department though. I never know when I'm supposed to bring a jacket or an extra shirt. (^_^; ) A few more weeks of summer and I get to wear my clothes comfortably again without looking like I need to shower every 10 minutes.

Taiko effect in Manila

On the first week of April I attended a showcase of Japanese traditional music - Taiko Effect: Drums of Change. My first CCP show! *yey* I've always wanted to see how it looks inside. There's not much in it though. I was expecting to see a lotof art or memorabilia. Well I didn't have enough time to roam around so I can't say for sure. 

Ongpin Binondo food trip

First time in Ongpin! We went seafood hunting in Estero foodstreet. It was....charming. The smell is part of what you pay for I guess. haha The food tasted okay, a little bit salty, but it was inexpensive and the portions are huge. I enjoyed the steamed sugpo and fried rice. Though I was really craving for a dimsum. Too bad we didn't find any along the way. Oh boy were we exhausted. The place is definitely made for walking.

Ukiyoe portrait exhibit

As a last hurrah, we went to see Ukiyoe portrait exhibit in UP Diliman. I appreciate the art and the social relevance however if I'm to be completely honest, I was expecting the more extravagant paintings Ukiyoe is famous for. The "portrait"part of the title completely escaped me. *lol*

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