A rekindling

In an attempt to write better, I reignited my love affair with published words – like a wayward friend returning back to the fold. Mostly books abandoned or ones I bought and forgotten until unearthed from wherever it gathered dust. And because I felt ashamed at how many books I have read since January – a dismal number of two!

One sure thing, I missed flipping pages – desperately. One would say it's a form of distraction given my many worries, but no I say it's finding a safe haven within the pages – in every character, in every universe. As was famously uttered by JK Rowling: "The knowledge that there's always somewhere you can go that you love and be safe".

I was hoping to read 4 books by the end of May but seeing as I get easily distracted (on a Supernatural marathon the past 2 days! :p) I'm trying not to unearth more books from their lairs else I find myself burdened with their accusing stares. "I deserve to be devoured!" they would say. Yes yes I'm working on it!

Of the stacks below, I finally finished reading I am Half-sick of Shadows.  It was a book I acquired a year ago but gave up halfway through due to lack of enthusiasm. It's now book read #2. Bow. And I'm currently barreling through Speaking from the Among the Bones. The rest are my reading list for June:

June 2015 reading list

Also, a dilemma I'm having – I love to read but I am a hopelessly limited reader. I gravitate towards select genres. I look at others and think to myself "It's never going to work, I'm going to be bored and I'm not going to read you anyway". So that's that. On one of our recent trips to Booksale, Raph and I acquired a few more books. I did try to come out of my comfort zone. I got a copy of October Sky (will gush about this soon, it's my next read!) and the wildcard My Sister's Keeper. So, the latter one – I like to be transported to a place of wonder so I don't usually read stories close to real life especially the drama ones. But I have a goal here, to be a reader who devours words regardless of genre. So I decided to also read the ones Raph got. Surprisingly, I have no issue with that. I think my issue is buying the books I don't usually read. So am I a cheapskate? *haha* Hold that thought. :)

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