I am endlessly creating myself

Wings - Art by Raphael Louis Reyes

I am endlessly creating myself.

These days I devour words like a madman. I find peace in the thought that I'm taking steps to make good changes in my life. My goal is to be a better version of myself. Of course there should be an equal amount of action too that is why I can't wait to start with my goals and plans for April until July.

I'm sure there will be days of struggle and lack of motivation. I used to resent these moments but now I find they are the times I need to fight harder. I am made stronger in times of difficulty. Self-doubt is my current greatest struggle. Since I am taking a different path than most people perceive as normal, it's hard to stay unaffected when I see their blank faces (especially when it comes from my family). I need to learn not to be so defensive all the time. After all I don't need to explain my choices nor seek their approval. It is my life and I am confident in my dreams. :)

© Wings - Art by Raphael Louis Reyes

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