Chase the Sun

heyladyspring | Chase the Sun

heyladyspring | Chase the Sun

heyladyspring | Chase the Sun

Welcome Summer 2015! Can you feel it?! Beach weather has definitely settled in.~

I admit I don't usually enjoy summer because I get terrible migraines and my skin condition becomes all the more prominent. This time though I want to enjoy it. There is much to see and to accomplish.

I'm thinking of wandering a bit more. Another beach maybe or a culture tour? Also, come May, I'll be joining a 10k marathon. I haven't had any training in months! *haha* I'm so unfit. I discovered just how unfit I am when we did an Amazing Race as finals exam for my Nihongo class. It was funny but also very alarming. I thought I was going to pass out! It's about time I start working out again. Not just that, running helps my mind focus. Suddenly everything seems possible.

I am going to be stronger. Instead of hiding safely in the shadows, I will chase the sun. I will master the chaos inside me :).

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