Sun, Sea, Air: outfits

I've always loved shoes but I don't want to be obsessed with them because (1) I don't have space in my tiny (but cute) home and (2) I have other things I need to spend my money on.

Since I go out a lot these days whether it be at school, errands, events, travels etc. A nice comfortable shoes is my best friend. I have like 1 flats for dressy occasions and a ton of sneakers. I keep thinking I should invest in good quality shoes that are not sneakers. I can't wear sneakers everywhere (although I try to haha).

What do you think of this summer outfit? Haha I just can't give up the little girl look. I'm obsessed with bowler hats lately. I wonder where I can find one with ears like this. My clothes are mostly in blacks or grays because it's so easy to wear. They go with anything. I try not to wear dark colors during summer because they attract more heat but if I wear a breezy outfit like this it can work right?!

My Mom and I will go to Cebu mid-March for some (okay a lot huhu summer) sun, sea and air. I need to get a pair of beach sandals soon.

How about this for school outfit? I like to dress up when I go to school. At least if my face start looking stressed I still look put together. *lol*

I'm currently obsessed with yellow. In all shades. I read it's my spirit color this year. hehe

This outfit is also perfect when I attend events or bazaars. I can just change my shoes to one of these:

Flats! I love flats! Perfect for everything.

Did I mention these shoes are also fold-able? Very easy to pack when I travel. No hassle bringing them with me when I start wandering. They are made locally by Mishka shoes. I firmly believe in supporting local brands. These are not just shoes you're buying, you are buying a piece of someone's passion and hard work.

Mishka Shoes is currently available in Landmark Makati located at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section. You can also catch them in different bazaar events around the Metro. Check their facebook page for updates. :)

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