The lost week #1

The lost week: blogging challenge

This is similar to the Sunday Currently series that's been going around some blogs. I decided on making my own series. It just seems proper. And I also wanted to label my series "Lost week" because that's exactly what I'm feeling at this stage in my life. The little moments in my life seem to be passing by without any recollection on my part. I only remember the grand, exciting and life altering moments. Within the little moments are sparks that triggered my mood, or the way I thought of life. And because grand ideas often come from the small ideas.

Anyway, welcome to my lost week. My attempt to document the mundane. ( ^-^)v

Reading: After the Quake by Haruki Murakami. I haven't made much progress to my 2015 goodreads challenge. hehe I really should get it done soon.

Listening: Morning by Yeye and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

Watching: Who You Are: A Message To All Women. I'm making this part of my morning routine.

Writing: Draft posts for the blog. I read somewhere that every blog should have at  least 2-3 draft posts. These are for days or weeks we're busy with real life or just plain lazy to write. *lol*

Loving: My hats!

Hoping: I can sustain my creative momentum. I am taking a leap and going 100% on my shop. Re-starting my handcrafted business is one goal off my bucket list. It's hella scary because I'm opening myself up to scrutiny and opinions. Not to mention the unstable income. Ah but I feel alive!

Wanting: Leather boots! And this Mandala bracelet from Soul Flower.

Needing to: Get another job office. haha

Wishing: To start my business and get my own creative space. Travel more. Enroll in another language class.

Thinking: Be practical!

Feeling: On edge.

Clicking: I spend way too much time on facebook!!! And these too:

If anyone wants to do this with me. I'm posting one every Monday. Feel free to add your links your below. If you do, please visit the other blogs and post a comment. Link love! ( ^-^)v

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