Japanese Night 2015

I had so many things planned this week. I was preparing myself to be painfully exhausted. Only, I got sick! My mind wanted to move and do stuff but my body refused all contact with my consciousness. As of this writing the "sick" feeling is still there whenever I feel cold. Y u so cold Philippines?! *huhu*

Good thing I was well enough to attend UP Diliman's Japanese Night. It was a simple gathering of people who loved Japanese culture.

Japan has four seasons:  Winter 冬 fuyu /  Spring 春 haru / Summer 夏 natsu / Autumn 秋 aki. There's no picture below for Summer because of the long queue. I wanted to wear Yukata ( T_T)~

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Winter 冬 fuyu

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Spring 春 haru

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Autumn 秋 aki

I enjoyed the calligraphy booth. I am totally going to learn this craft this year. Asumi-san taught me how to write my favorite word (Kodawari) in Kanji but I totally forgot to have my picture taken with it.

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Calligraphy booth

The last part of the event were performances. Unfortunately my "fail" moment was triggered. I wanted to eat at Wing Stop in Katipunan. With 1 hour left until the last event, off we went. Only to find out it was closed for renovation and there was no taxi in sight! *cries* And so here are photos before the performances. (^_^ ;")>

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Matsuri-Festival!

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Matsuri-Festival!

Photos © by Donna and Raphael Louis Reyes

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