Week 3: Photo A Day February 2015

I am going to address the obvious. I am starting with week 3 because I totally failed on this #photoaday challenge this February. Haha (^-^)v

I love taking pictures. Eventually I'm going to learn techniques etc. but for now I'm practicing by instinct. Someone commented on one of my photos that they look forlorn because I mainly photograph objects, buildings or scenes. I am not really going for any emotion when I take pictures. I'm a visual creature. Whatever I find nice looking, I feel the need to document. That's it. Haha

Morning at the beach

Respond to every call that excites your spirit. Day 15 #Shoes #fromwhereistand

Breakfast = Batchoy

First time eating Batchoy. Feb.16 #breakfast

studying Nihongo

I love #Nihongo! 日本語だいすき❤️❤️(^-^)/ Feb.17 #4oclock

Pentax K100 and Fisheye camera

Camera collection (^-^)/ ✌️ Feb.18 #vintage

Palma Hall UP Diliman

Nihongo classroom @ Palma Hall Feb.19 #Favoriteplace

Mcdo Adventure Time toys

My babies! Feb.20 #somethingcute #adventuretime


Enjoying the last few cold mornings of February. Summer please come slowly. :) Feb.21 #morning

Photo A Day: January 2015

My friends and I are doing the #photoaday challenge. These were my January. Well some of it. You can view the complete list on my instagram: @heyladyspring (add me!)

I'm really enjoying posting pictures everyday but I must say it's also quite stressful when you're following a certain theme each day and you failed to take one. I promise to do better this March! :p

19th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

There is something so mesmerizing about things that fly. It's something right out of a child's imagination. As with most people in our group this is our first time to see a hot air balloon up close and as you can see we went crazies on them. (Actually just me, I photographed the thing like an angry hound. haha)

We almost didn't make it actually, our driver didn't know where to go! We went around and passed 4-5 toll gates. Imagine the toll fees we paid! We got there 15 minutes before lift off.

19th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

19th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

19th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The place was packed! People went there with camping equipment.

19th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The lost week #1

The lost week: blogging challenge

This is similar to the Sunday Currently series that's been going around some blogs. I decided on making my own series. It just seems proper. And I also wanted to label my series "Lost week" because that's exactly what I'm feeling at this stage in my life. The little moments in my life seem to be passing by without any recollection on my part. I only remember the grand, exciting and life altering moments. Within the little moments are sparks that triggered my mood, or the way I thought of life. And because grand ideas often come from the small ideas.

Anyway, welcome to my lost week. My attempt to document the mundane. ( ^-^)v

Reading: After the Quake by Haruki Murakami. I haven't made much progress to my 2015 goodreads challenge. hehe I really should get it done soon.

Listening: Morning by Yeye and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

Watching: Who You Are: A Message To All Women. I'm making this part of my morning routine.

Writing: Draft posts for the blog. I read somewhere that every blog should have at  least 2-3 draft posts. These are for days or weeks we're busy with real life or just plain lazy to write. *lol*

Loving: My hats!

Hoping: I can sustain my creative momentum. I am taking a leap and going 100% on my shop. Re-starting my handcrafted business is one goal off my bucket list. It's hella scary because I'm opening myself up to scrutiny and opinions. Not to mention the unstable income. Ah but I feel alive!

Wanting: Leather boots! And this Mandala bracelet from Soul Flower.

Needing to: Get another job office. haha

Wishing: To start my business and get my own creative space. Travel more. Enroll in another language class.

Thinking: Be practical!

Feeling: On edge.

Clicking: I spend way too much time on facebook!!! And these too:

If anyone wants to do this with me. I'm posting one every Monday. Feel free to add your links your below. If you do, please visit the other blogs and post a comment. Link love! ( ^-^)v

Art Fair Philippines 2015

It's a good thing I'm quite a zen person. Having a calm perspective in life surely helps when most of my adventures come with an element of misadventures in them. haha. No... this time we didn't walk aimlessly searching for the event. Nor did we forget to charge the camera. We were quite prepared, armed and dangerous! Yeah! *fistpump*

So we got to the event with no hitch on the arrangement. So excited when we were finally in line to ride the elevator. The elevator reached level 2 and.....stayed there for a good 15 minutes Σ(゚Д゚|||). *yey*  I must say getting stuck in the elevator was quite exciting but let's trust the universe that it won't happen again.  *lol*

Art Fair Philippines 2015

Ahh what can I say. It was truly an amazing experience. From the first moment I stepped beyond the ticket booth, I was transported to a completely new world filled with art and culture. It did look like a fashion event, that's art too right?! I mostly ogled at their shoes. *haha*

Art Fair 2015 did not disappoint. We saw so many pieces of art in different styles, shape and mediums. My feet hurt from roaming around. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ We went to all the galleries across two floors. This is the 3rd year for the event, It seems that more and more galleries are joining every year. Even collections from foreign companies or where they galleries?

Here are some of our favorites..

Equator Art Projects: First two are from Eddie Hara.

Japanese Night 2015

I had so many things planned this week. I was preparing myself to be painfully exhausted. Only, I got sick! My mind wanted to move and do stuff but my body refused all contact with my consciousness. As of this writing the "sick" feeling is still there whenever I feel cold. Y u so cold Philippines?! *huhu*

Good thing I was well enough to attend UP Diliman's Japanese Night. It was a simple gathering of people who loved Japanese culture.

Japan has four seasons:  Winter 冬 fuyu /  Spring 春 haru / Summer 夏 natsu / Autumn 秋 aki. There's no picture below for Summer because of the long queue. I wanted to wear Yukata ( T_T)~

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Winter 冬 fuyu

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Spring 春 haru

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Autumn 秋 aki

I enjoyed the calligraphy booth. I am totally going to learn this craft this year. Asumi-san taught me how to write my favorite word (Kodawari) in Kanji but I totally forgot to have my picture taken with it.

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Calligraphy booth

The last part of the event were performances. Unfortunately my "fail" moment was triggered. I wanted to eat at Wing Stop in Katipunan. With 1 hour left until the last event, off we went. Only to find out it was closed for renovation and there was no taxi in sight! *cries* And so here are photos before the performances. (^_^ ;")>

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Matsuri-Festival!

UP Diliman Japanese Night 2015 / Matsuri-Festival!

Photos © by Donna and Raphael Louis Reyes