Financial goals 2015

Since I read Miriam Quiambao's Magic Jars, the way I saw money changed. I realized I can live the life I want within my salary range. The key is budgeting and patience. Deciding what is important and sticking within that budget and most importantly the patience to wait for months until I have enough money to purchase something I want.

Last year was my testing phase. Ingraining the habit of saving and testing the limits of my salary. The key word here is "limit". My salary reached the limit of what I need to spend in order to pursue life and my passions. So this year, one of my goals is to find a higher salary work. It's no longer a question of "living within your means", many times you must aim higher.

And so here are my lifetime financial goals based on the season of my life. Single life. Hurrah! (^_^)v

This 2015 I'm going to focus on these 5:

DNS. aka Do Not Spend. This is my emergency fund.
Artcafe. This is for my dream business.
Learning / Workshop / Travel. This will pay for my education, books and for local travel.
Major Travel. Fingers crossed for Cambodia and Singapore! ;)
Growth. I got this from the magic jar article. This is what I will use for investment.

How about you? What are your financial goals this year?

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