100 Happy Days

I'm not one to follow hype because I lose steam halfway through. There's #Project365 where you post photos everyday. For a moment I considered it so I can practice my photography but I cannot make that type if commitment! Some days (like 5days straight) I just want to bury myself underneath a pile of bedsheet. No one wants to see a pile of bedsheet for 5 days straight!

The latest hashtag meme I saw had me coursing through a friend's memory lane. #100happydays. He was sharing happy and grateful moments in his life. I thought it was touching. Plus it's totally doable. Only 100 photos! *lol* On the other hand, there's me thinking this can easily be #100daysofTRYINGtobehappy or #100daysofFAKINGhappiness. Because you know some days are just not that happy. :3 I can do this! Turning off the "fake blogger" persona is something I need to practice everytime I write anyway.

So here's #1

Yey finally! This was 3 years in the making! Next agenda is visa application. Wish me luck! (^-^)v

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