My art collection #1

The very first artwork I acquired was back on 2012, a watercolor painting by Valerie Chua. I love all her works but I knew this was the one I really wanted to own. It's simple and not so feminine. If you want to know the inspiration behind it - it's actually a girl Marimo ball. :)

Two years later. I went to Art in the Park 2014 last March and got these three. Not surprisingly all three are from Vinyl on Vinyl gallery. I'm slowly learning the type of paintings that really draws me in.
The photo from the top is a commissioned art "American Gothic" by Mayi. I had been admiring her works on instagram for quite a while and one day finally decided to message her. I'm glad she also does oil paintings. I saved up for 2 months! It was not expensive really ... well it was by my *salary* standards *lol* but it was all worth it!

Bottom on the right is a mixed media art by Jukus Sepada. Bottom on the left is an art by Jett Ilagan. I really should have bought both works by Jett ( T-T)~ but I had a budget. :/

Art in the Park 2014

And here is a recent piece I acquired. It's a mother and child ink art by Jose Alberto Reyes.

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