Herb and Dorothy Vogel

I first heard about them through a video shared by Mansy. They own over 4000 artworks all from a librarian and postman salary (well technically it's just from Herb's salary, they used Dorothy's for living expenses).

There are 2 movies made about them.The first one, as told by the couple, friends, family and the artists they bought from, narrates how they got the artworks. It's a nice story about passion and living your life the way you like it and not following certain rules. They could have bought a larger apartment, traveled the world or became insanely rich but they didn't. They chose to buy and admire art. They didn't sell any of the art they acquired even when the artists made a big name for themselves. Instead they donated all their artworks to the national gallery as well as 50 pieces for every state in the US. Inspiring the creation of the second movie which I have yet to watch.

They taught me that anything is possible if you really love what you're doing. So now I'm slowly collecting artwork as well. So far I have 6 original artworks from local artists. Some have been quite expensive but some are very affordable. I'm planning to create an art fund so it doesn't burn through my savings (it is starting to lol) it can get addictive especially when you really like the work. I bought this one work from an artist and it is by far the most expensive piece of my collection, if I'm going to base it on the other works I acquired it is waaaaay too expensive but its the kind of work that will bring me sleepless nights if I don't take it so yeah I bought it. Now I have 2 months worth of debt to my savings >.< .

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