Escolta saturday market

I found out about this monthly art fair held in Escolta around the end of last year. I thought it was interesting to do it in a such a historical place. It is a bit out of the way and scary to go to alone but if you're alert it's a nice area to take a stroll and buy cheap stuff (Near Binondo & Quiapo). Well after so many months of putting it off I finally decided to attend one although my work schedule does not permit me to have a life during the weekends. *lol* Lately though I've been forcing myself to go to these art fairs with minimal sleep. So far I'm able to survive a full shift with coffee and more coffee. haha

Escolta saturday market

Typical me I got lost on my way there. I'm directionally challenged haha ( ^^)v but if you keep a light heart then even stuff like this can be fun.

Escolta saturday market

The fair caters to artists, crafters, book, and antique sellers. I was more excited about the artists really. I started acquiring art recently and the latest is this mother and child ink art by Jose Alberto Reyes. I'm still contemplating if I should have it framed.

Escolta saturday market: Jose Alberto Reyes

If you also want to discover up-and-coming artists, there's another Escolta Saturday market on July 19, 2014. See you there! :)

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