Jdrama: Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo


I'm on a roll!! I just finished watching this jdrama. Too bad it's only 8 episodes. I wish they focused more on the love story between these two instead of finding the witches. :(

The story is absurd (hello jdorama world *lol*) The lead guy kissed a LOT of people in every episode, part of what makes it funny is because he does it for the lead girl. There was one particular scene where he was begging to be kissed by the teacher and his face looked so horrified by the idea - he looked like he was going to poop. hahaha
Shiraishi Urara is the top student in her school. One day, due to an accidental kiss, Urara finds herself in the body of the school delinquent, Yamada Ryu! In trying to switch back to their own bodies, Urara and Ryo discover that kissing causes them to switch bodies, which leads to their discovery that there are 7 witches in their school. They soon try to uncover the identities of the 7 witches..

Yamada Ryu is played by Yamamoto Yusuke, I've always liked him and I'm glad he got a lead part in a rom-com. He's not particularly handsome but he has a bad-boy (yankee) look that would be best for rom-com's.

Shiraishi Urara is played by Nishiuchi Mariya, WOW I love this girl! I knew she was familiar. I was watching a jdrama (Switch Girl) before but I dropped it for some reason. Low and behold she was the lead girl in that too. She's super hilarious.

Comment below if you want to know how to download the episodes! :)