Skin Care: Year end hoarding

My skin is horrible these days. ( T-T)~ Several months of stress, not sticking to my skin care routine, and not to mention the most crucial part - not drinking enough water.

Working alongside younger people that take better care of themselves made me rethink how I present myself to people. I will start being vain again. haha!

So here's my December stash. I can't wait to try them. *happy*

edit: So I already tried these and sadly the only one working is the Emu oil. I think my skin need some other type of lotion. (It's super cold!) I'll use the bare it all cream come summertime. Love the mint!

Venus & Mars Naturals Emu Oil and Bare It All cream

My go to skincare line ... please don't get discontinued ( T-T)~

Celeteque Acne solution

This made me a bit sad :( I don't see much effect maybe because I don't have the whole set? Still considering how much I paid for it I expected something to happen. :/

SNOE Poresome Serum

Still love this place ...

and newly renovated too!

I love the new look.

Super love their Green Milk Tea <3

And I LOVE their food. Tried and tested Seafood Melt! Plus they have gorgeous ceramic wares. *I seriously considered stealing one of their plates once* haha