Life recently... #31

Trains have a certain charm in them don't you think? I love it when it's all empty like this. <3

This is my only form of exercise these days. (T-T) Nakakatamad mag-gym!

Sweldo? = Foodtrip!

I'm trying to save ... but it's proving very difficult ( T-T) I'm such a glutton, all my money and energy goes to food. huhu

I want to start traveling. I mean I can afford it now. *lolz* Ah but I envy other people who travel with friends, they don't spend a lot. :/ I, on the other hand, is too much of an introvert to enjoy traveling with a group. If I get a little braver I might even try the solo backpacking route. Anyway, I decided I'll try traveling with the bf (more like dragging him along -  he doesn't really like traveling). But really, I need to find a traveling buddy just in case bf is NA. :3 Any takers?