September goals

Here's the obligatory "I'm still alive sorry for not posting anything" spiel. (^_^;) Life is passing by too fast. It took me 3 months to semi-adjust to my work. Honestly it's quite stressful but this is the road I chose to take so I'm re-arranging the way I think as well. Failure and Change are good!!!

Anyway, September plans...

Bought a film camera! Isn't he gorgeous~  his name is Mino. I pledge to stop sleeping too much so I have more time for my hobbies (^-^)v

I'm conveniently stuck at 49-50kgs. 2-3 more kilos to go!! Aja!

Ugh I'm waaay behind my reading list huhu (T ^ T)~~ must start ticking off some soon <3

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