Feeling blue

When the day has ended, dare to feel as you've done your best.

Well needless to say I'm struggling at work. My stats are not improving, although the product in general is starting to get a little less tough. I know pretty much what to do and what to say. I just need to be more efficient. I still have 1 1/2 week to work on my September stats. When things get tough, get tougher! (^-^)/

September goals

Here's the obligatory "I'm still alive sorry for not posting anything" spiel. (^_^;) Life is passing by too fast. It took me 3 months to semi-adjust to my work. Honestly it's quite stressful but this is the road I chose to take so I'm re-arranging the way I think as well. Failure and Change are good!!!

Anyway, September plans...

Bought a film camera! Isn't he gorgeous~  his name is Mino. I pledge to stop sleeping too much so I have more time for my hobbies (^-^)v

I'm conveniently stuck at 49-50kgs. 2-3 more kilos to go!! Aja!

Ugh I'm waaay behind my reading list huhu (T ^ T)~~ must start ticking off some soon <3