2013 Eiga Sai

Oh hi! I'm still alive. Haha ( ^-^)/ I passed product training and nesting. I'll be with my new team tomorrow. I've been spending all my extra time studying and practicing but I was told I'm stressing myself too much carrying work into my personal time. So for my two-day off, I ate and slept. Good lord!!! All the pounds I lost during work I easily gain back in 2 days. ;3 Anyway, starting this week I plan on getting back to my old routine - blogging, reading and crafting.

Also I totally forgot about Eiga Sai!!! I'm 1 week late.  ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ I'm planning on catching a few before I go to work this week. Rinco's Restaurant sounds like the type of film I like - slow and inspiring. Kamui Gaiden has Matsuyama Kenichi in it so definitely-watching!! I might check out Dear Doctor as well, though I already downloaded the film many months ago. I just never got around to watching it. XD

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