Summer Crafts: Natural style Dreamcatcher

DIY natural style dreamcatcher

As much as dreamcatchers fascinate me, they also seem spooky. They are, don't you think? Especially the traditional ones with feathers and native charms. :/ I know they have their purpose. Supposedly the feathers guide good dreams down while various charms protect the person sleeping. They scare me much the same way wind chimes do. (Or maybe I just read too much. *lol*)

I might add them later if I find ones that don't scare me

But I would prefer dreamcatchers in happy colors or made from doilies! (Where do you buy doilies btw?!)

DIY natural style dreamcatcher

DIY natural style dreamcatcher

Hear my prayer
let me sleep peacefully tonight

I'm not plagued by bad dreams but I can feel my mind getting heavier. My condition is acting up again. I'm taking meds and busying myself with reading and crafts. Hopefully I'll feel better soon. :( What do you do when your own mind/body betrays you. *sigh*

Still...I will fight!

grit /n/ Firmness of mind and spirit. :)