Summer crafts: DIY dreamcatcher tutorial

diy dreamcatcher pendant

This is so addicting! I don't know what I'm going to use these dreamcatchers for though :/ should I string them up to make mobiles, garlands...or simply make a necklace?

pdf download for this tutorial

Yarn, crochet thread, leather, nylon cord etc.
metal / wood hoops*

*Mine is diy-ed from wire. Form wire on any cylinder object, wrap twice, remove, then twist them together. Make a final twist to seal the ends.

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Step 1. cover hoop with thread

Step 2. make the first stitch / loop

Step 3. Hold the previous stitch while you loop the next

Step 4. Make the second level.

Step 5. Add charms and beads.

Last step. Add a 2nd layer on the last level. Optional.

Excuse my ugleh nail polish! ( >.<)/