Spring fabric or washi tape set

Two more sets for download. I'm quite proud something productive came out of my laziness. :)
Also, there's a new look for Heyladyspring! It's summer-y orange (not used to it still) but it's only until June - then I can pinkify my blog again. *lol*

Spring social icons / buttons

Spring social icons



All rights to these designs belong to HEYLADYSPRING.COM

You are permitted to use these icon set on multiple websites YOU own.
However you are NOT allowed to share, lend, distribute, re-sell these icon set.

Refunds cannot be done due to the digital nature of this product.

Thank you for respecting and supporting my creative work. :)


New from Luna Fancy 04.08.13

Luna Fancy is accepting customized orders

As much as I want to make a Fancy Letter out of the entire alphabet. Unfortunately each one takes me 2 days to make so....I decided that letters will be available for customized orders only. :)

Fancy letter design #2 // Luna Fancy Handmade shop

I will focus on making ampersands because its my favorite logogram. v( ̄ー ̄)v

Style: Shorts and stockings

Summer style: shorts and stockings

I recently purchased a week's worth of black stockings. This is to hide my horrible looking legs. (T-T) And so I can bravely wear super short shorts. It's so hard to find denim shorts in a decent length these days. :/

Anyway....I hate summer!!! *cry*


Past: I miss rain! 

Rainy day

Present: a makeshift photo studio for Luna Fancy

Makeshift photo studio

Future: Planning at least one beach vacation.  Dreading the heat though.

collection of shells