Handmade Fancy letters

I built the core with sturdy materials so that it won't budge even if it gets tossed around the house. *lol* The fabric is from my collection of Japanese cotton. I finally had some use for them. :) Which means!!! I can shop for a new batch! *yey*

For orders / inquiries: email lunafancy@gmail.com

Luna Fancy; Handmade letter decor

Luna Fancy; Handmade letter decor


It's funny how a few days ago I was talking about being frustrated with my current projects. Now that I finished something, I'm pumped and ready to make more! I guess I really just have to keep on creating. I don't know...maybe in the next few days, I'll be here ranting again. *lol*

At least tonight, I'll be able to sleep soundly knowing my struggles and mistakes helped me get to where I want to be. :)
Today I'll finish the final versions of my Vintage deco blocks.

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