This house #1

Daydreaming on a Sunday afternoon.

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Handmade Fancy letters

I built the core with sturdy materials so that it won't budge even if it gets tossed around the house. *lol* The fabric is from my collection of Japanese cotton. I finally had some use for them. :) Which means!!! I can shop for a new batch! *yey*

For orders / inquiries: email

Luna Fancy; Handmade letter decor

Luna Fancy; Handmade letter decor


It's funny how a few days ago I was talking about being frustrated with my current projects. Now that I finished something, I'm pumped and ready to make more! I guess I really just have to keep on creating. I don't know...maybe in the next few days, I'll be here ranting again. *lol*

At least tonight, I'll be able to sleep soundly knowing my struggles and mistakes helped me get to where I want to be. :)
Today I'll finish the final versions of my Vintage deco blocks.


I'm feeling a huge amount of frustration and disappointment. I'm struggling with my current projects. I'm a scanner. When I've tried out something I usually move to something else. This is (maybe) the first time I ever spent so much time on just one craft.

I'm actually close to finishing the first batch, I guess I'm feeling scared because I would have to start all over again for the next batch. All the frustration and long process.... *sigh* ( T-T)

Also I'm working on another project and it didn't go so well despite all the hard work I put into it. Oh well experiments are a learning process!

I know I need this pain and struggle. I know I need to learn patience. I need to love the process. This is a fight I must never give up on! Fight!!!!

heyladyspring woodworking

Tiny house movement

While working on these I occupied the living room so my only form of entertainment is the tv. I finally learned to use the built-in YouTube function! I'm currently looping several videos about tiny houses or tumbleweed houses.

an example of a Tiny house

Its got a bedroom (loft), kitchen, bathroom, shower, living room and storage areas.

I have always been fascinated with the idea of a tree house or a tiny shed in the province. A comfortable sized space for my books and craft stuff. Also since I got into woodworking, I decided to really dive deeper into it. I can't do that working in my living room. Only solution is to stay a week or two in the province. I'm thinking maybe it's time I start planning for this house for real. :)

Architect Anonymous: Tiny house movement
Box of Stars
More images on tiny houses

Woodworking, an update (aka rant)

After 2 weeks of experimentation, finally something close to a finished product. It is so much work. SERIOUSLY! I learned a lot working with wood. That shortcuts and impatience will only create more work. NOTED!!!

So I'm redoing everything and doing things properly this time.
Check out Luna Fancy (FB) for future updates! :)

Luna Fancy sample product

Phone camera & editing tricks

I get asked a lot on how I edit my photos but my responses get buried in the comments so I thought of writing a tutorial of sorts. It's really simple, anyone with a phone camera and Photoshop can do it!

First of all you need to know what kind of pictures your camera can capture. My phone is a Sony Xperia X10 mini pro. I call him Renji. *lol* It has a 5MP camera with autofocus, flash and 4 picture settings (Auto, Twilight, Sports and Macro). I always set it in Macro and no-flash. (When I take photos of hyperactive kids, I use Sports. *haha*)

Sony Xperia X10 mini pro

When I use it indoors (with natural light), it produces a gloomy and slightly grainy look. When I work on them in Photoshop, they almost always come out looking vintage.

Option 1: Brightness & Contrast
  1. Open your photo in Photoshop.
  2. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness & Contrast
  3. Play with the values until you get your desired look.
Option 2: Blending options - Brighten your photo
  1. Duplicate your original photo in a new layer or press CTRL+J
  2. Go to Blending options > Screen > set the opacity to 33% (play with the levels)
Option 3: Blending options - Sharpen/Darken your photo
  1. Duplicate your original photo in a new layer or press CTRL+J
  2. Go to Blending options > Overlay > set the opacity to 25% (play with the levels)
Note: Also don't be afraid to move the layers around. They don't have to be in a specific order. Play with it.

Try using one or more of these 3. Play with the levels. In this photo below I used all 3 because I wanted it to look old, bright, and sharp.

Also don't listen to people saying that's not real photography etc. You put stuff on your blog because they look nice and you like it. Be you and do things that make you happy. :)

Crafty Friday: Dream hobby

woodworking hobby

So I took the plunge. I got tired of second guessing myself and worrying what people are going to say. Yesterday, I bought wood and tools like a boss! (Ok I had some help )

I am currently broke ( T_T)人(T_T ) and experiencing frustration with the tools because it's very time consuming! Cutting and making sure everything fits took me half a day! (It still doesn't fit because I made a mistake with the cutting. wahaha) Patience is not really my thing. Though instead of wanting to give up, here I am researching ways on how to do things properly.

I'm also going to be busy covering everything because I'm working inside my tiny unit (^-^;)ゞ.

So this is an advance notice of my lack of posts next week. I'm on a craft battle!

A Little Princess

This 2013, I am going to conquer my fear of reading classical books. They always seem too complicated for me but I discovered that with most fears all you have to do is just dive right in. I'm starting with children's stories to ease myself into the genre. You can get free ebooks from iBooks store (apple) or on goodreads (android).

I'm also slowly getting used to reading from a tablet. It feels weird. :( I miss the tactile experience of turning a page. But this will do for now. This way I get to read more books and have more time searching for the book editions I want to collect.

I'm reading "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. While I grew up watching the animated version, I'm rediscovering her through written words. Still, it's a shame they don't play the anime anymore. I think kids these days are missing a lot. :(

A little princess illustration

As the moon kindles the night
As the wind kindles the fire
As the rain fills every ocean
And the Sun the Earth
So your heart will kindle my heart

Little Sarah Crewe was kind and she had a way of staying positive even when life was horrible to her. But I think I was more captivated by the world she lived in—of exotic India, of English tiled roofs, cold gray streets, and old forgotten attics.

A Little Princess film 1995

Lee Hi

I confess I'm a little upset about 2NE1's lack of new songs. ( ̄へ ̄) Bom & Minzy are good enough to have solo careers but that's not going to happen anytime soon because YG is currently concentrating on Lee Hi and the new girl group. :/ Taeyang is also scheduled to release an album but I'm not too worried about him. He'll be the main solo artist now that SE7EN is going to enlist in the army. Meanwhile Daesung is concentrating on a Japanese music career. Honestly, I still can't accept this, Σ(゚Д゚|||) why release an album full of cover songs?! Why can't he have a dedicated team of composers like Taeyang & Seungri?! (屮゚Д゚)屮 *huff* *huff* /end rage

Lee Hi new album or single

Back to Lee Hi ... she's getting a lot of good songs!! Though it's hard to argue about this ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ she has a really good voice. She's still a little stiff when performing but I suspect this back to back solo spot will grind and polish her.

Turn it Up

Recipe: Buttered corn & carrots

Buttered corn and carrots recipe

Corn is one of those food that taste so good but you must eat in small servings. I, however, can eat 2 large corn cobs in one sitting. It's low in calorie (if in cobs) but doesn't fill you up so you're bound to eat another snack just to feel satisfied. Another downside of corn is its high sodium content. :/

Carrots are really low in calories and its a good source of Vitamin A. It's good for the eyes and may help improve your immune system.  The problem is I don't like most vegetables including carrots. (^-^;")ゞ

My friend taught me this recipe so I can sneak vegetables I don't like eating with those that I love.

1 can of yellow corn kernels
1 carrot, diced (quantity according to preference)
1 tbsp butter (quantity according to preference)
1-2 pinch of salt to taste

  1. Boil corn & carrots together in a frying pan.
  2. When the carrots become soft enough, lower the temperature & drain the water.
  3. Add 1 tbsp butter or add more according to your preference.
  4. Add salt to taste.

This recipe yields 5 servings, about 86-90 calorie each. I usually eat it as a snack, 2-3 days replacement for bread. Not bad noh?

You can also add other vegetables like green peas, cauliflower etc. or take after me and add vegetables you wouldn't normally eat on its own.

Luna Fancy

Luna Fancy handmade designs inspired by nature

Eraser carving blocks for stam carving

Little Prince journal

Little Prince journal

Little Prince journal

Visit my new stationery and handmade store! (*^-')/~☆
I was a little too excited and opened it early. *hehe*
I'll post my first handmade products soon!  
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