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I usually keep flowering house plants but for a change I got these foliage ones. My Mom keeps telling me to get one of these for the longest time. She said they're easier to maintain. Luckily, while I was walking around Manila Seedling Bank, I found a store selling several foliage plants, various ferns and Bromeliads. It's really important to choose healthy plants so I suggest going around until you find one.

Dieffenbachia has large fleshy leaves on stout stalks. The sap is poisonous if ingested so keep it away if you have toddlers or pets. Want a little trivia? It was once a subject of an SNS hoax - "killer house plant". While it is indeed poisonous, the hoax was greatly exaggerated. It's perfectly safe to keep around the house. :)

my windowsill plants

Info from Dr. D.G. Hessayon's The Houseplant Expert
  • Temperature: Average or above average warmth, hates cold air draft
  • Light: Partial shade in summer, bright light in winter
  • Water: Water regularly during warm months, water sparingly during cold months
  • Air Humidity: Mist often. Surround pot with damp peat.

Common problems
  • Lower leaves yellow & wilted: cold temperature or cold air drafts
  • Loss of color: direct sunlight or excessive brightness. Move to a shadier spot.
  • Loss of leaves: cold temperature or cold air drafts. Old leaves tend to drop naturally.
  • Leaves with brown edges: cold air or compost has been allowed to dry out.
  • Stem base soft & discolored: over-watering & cold temperature.

Dieffenbachia foliage house plant

Isn't it photogenic? And strangely this photo reminds me of the movie "Borrower Arrietty". It's based on a children's novel (The Borrowers) about little people living amongt normal humans by keeping out of sight borrowing little things from them. I haven't read the book yet but it's on my never-ending to-read list. *lol* I did see the US movie version of it and I remember it being hilarious and quite fun to watch. The Japanese animated movie though is a bit serious and heartwarming. It's produced by Studio Ghibli so you can expect awesome graphics!

If you can, get your own copy or check youtube. :)

Borrower Arrietty movie

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