Life recently... #28

Window view


Samgyupsal at Donday korean restaurant

Fish ice cream with my friend S.

1. On a good day I can see mountains from miles and miles away. Perks of living so high above everybody else. At night I don't see stars when I look up (which is sad) but there are thousands of flickering lights down below. :)

2. My ugly feet that never recovered from its super sunburned state. ( T_T)人(T_T ) Or maybe I should just embrace my uneven skin color ( '-' )

3. Samgyupsal and korean buffet...all the calories!!! My best record yet is 3 servings. No regrets. #Meat addict. Just don't forget to exercise before or after. You have to or it's gonna be bad!

4. My friend "S" and me devouring ice cream after. I love me some fish ice cream. More calories!! Har. (/ ̄ー ̄)/