Liebster Award Jan 2013 from Andrea

I was watching 24hrs the other day and it made me feel inadequate. ( ゚д゚) ・・・ In 24 hours Jack Bauer saved 1679834332 people including the US president, uncovered a terrorist plot, and became a triple agent. Is it because  he doesn't eat? Or take a bath? Or clean the house? Domesticity is taking over my life. ( T-T) *sigh*

/end rant. *haha* This is my excuse for the lack of blog updates. :p

Oh and sorry Andrea for the lateness of this post. Thanks for the award ( ^-^)v

Here are the rules:
Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
Ask 11 questions of your own.
Nominate 11 bloggers.

11 facts about me

1. I'm an only child. It's just me and my Mom. I love her!!! <3
2. In grade school, I was addicted to Sailor Moon. I was in a group of 5 girls and we each claimed one SM member. I was Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love and Beauty. *ambisyosa lang* haha!
3. In high school, I loved stargazing. I used to keep a "star diary" with drawings of constellations. I waited for eclipses, meteor showers and other celestial events. Since I moved to Manila, I haven't had a chance to do this again. Too much light :(

4. I love plants but they die on me. ( T-T) *huhu wai!?* 
5. I love nature. I collect rocks, seashells, dead twigs and flowers. I'm trying to learn how to dry flowers properly.

My old plants.

Mori Bedroom

6. I love wood and ceramics - carvings, spoons, trays, home decor etc.
7. I like to buy trinkets, vintage and home decors. :)

teapot from Landmark

Plant pot from Saizen

8. I hate summer because of the heat. I get migraines. :/ We're going back to Catanauan Quezon (part 2) this summer. I'm preparing my sunblock, water spray, and large umbrella.

Beach shells

9. I love forensic/crime science shows. My absolute favorites > Numb3rs and Criminal Minds.
10. Also documentaries > Hopkins, Boston Med, NY Med, Becoming a Geisha.
11. I love fantasy & young adult books.

Neil Gaiman  Book haul

I also plan to read more classics this year. Starting with the ones designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.
Clothbound classics

Andrea's questions

1. Most inspiring place in the metro?

Personally I'd say ... my bedroom or when I'm waiting in line for something (bank, resto's etc.) and Divisoria. :)

2. Who is your favorite local artist and why?

Valerie Chua (Quiet Girl). Her paintings are soft, colorful and whimsical. I like how she inserts nature and childhood imagery on her paintings. And she's really nice too. :)

Valerie Chua art print Valeri Chua postcards Valerie Chua original painting

3. Who is your favorite foreign artist and why?

Yeo Mei Ying of Evangelione. I love her dolls!!!! The limbs are tiny. And their faces are cute & bratty. *haha* Other artists I like > Ann Wood, JooJoo, Black-eyed Suzie.

4. Dream craft skill

I'm a scanner and move from 1 craft to another. I don't stay long enough to be an expert in any craft. So I guess my dream is to be good at everything I'm interested in - photography, collage, paper cutting, sewing, clay, doll making, miniatures, eraser carving etc. I have 3 more crafts I plan to try in the future: embroidery, pottery and woodworking.

5. Your craft goal this year

Finish my very long list of projects. (^-^;")> launch my online shop. It's bound to be a lot of work, predictably I'm idling away the time again. *haha* I'll work on it soon.

6. Type of music you listen to while crafting

Folk, Folk-Pop and Folk-Rock genre's > songs by Priscilla Ahn, A Fine Frenzy, Ingrid Michaelson, Eliza Doolittle, The Staves, Kate Walsh, Lucy Schwartz and Anna Nalick.

7. Favorite movie and book?

Aside from Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. ^-^v I love inspirational movies: Remember the Titans & October Sky.

8. Favorite childhood activity related to arts/crafts?

None. I played alone most of the time and made toys out of whatever is lying around.

9. Who are your craft idols? (link to their blogs too if you can!)

Mansy, Alessa, Meream. Also pinterest & craftgawker?

10. Favorite craft store locally

Divisoria? I bring a large plastic canvas bag when I go there because I never know what I'm going to find or how much I'm going to buy. For tools & supplies, I go to NBS or Deovir. Lately I love going to Saizen for slightly cheaper items. :)

11. Describe your “craft area” at home, and share a photo if you like. 

Nomadic. ( T_T) I get shooed away every few hours or so. :/

Messy craft workspace

My questions
  1. Show off your favorite craft tool. What it does and why you like it.
  2. Recommend a favorite boutique/craft/vintage/ store.
  3. What is the current or next craft project you're working on (that you feel comfortable to share) *wink*
  4. Show off your collection.
  5. Pick 6 more from the questions above. *lol* I run out of questions to ask. *haha*

Giving the award to:

Bettina, Eula, Nike and whoever want to answer them. I'd love to read your answers. Just comment here with your link :)

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