Crafty Friday: Plant coasters

Plant coasters (c)

When we were renovating our place I wanted a shelf near the window for my plants and a possible crafting area but my Mom insisted on a Queen size bed. She said it was time I get a proper bed! *lol* ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ So we got a traditional wooden frame with beautiful dark brown stain on it. I loved it the moment I saw it. Yes I fall in love with inanimate objects. /end haha. We had it customized so this one is actually longer and higher than the one in the store. I love it *really* but it takes up majority of the floor space and I still want a crafting area and plant deck. (〃^-^) (^ε^)v

Just like my craft area, I realized I had space for a plant deck -- my bed's headboard! ♪☆≫ It's the perfect size and height. Also I get to appreciate the wood's beautiful stain again. It's been hidden by my bed covers and curtains for the past year. Hello again love. <3

My plants don't stay there all the time though, they get moved when it's time for me to sleep which means accidental scratching happens! (╥_╥) So I made these sunny yellow coasters to protect the wood.

Materials you will need:
Rubber foam / sheet or smooth cardboard
Craft cutting knife or Xacto knife
Scissors (regular or craft scissors)

Plant coasters (c)

Easy enough to do. Draw your design on a scrap paper beforehand because pencil marks doesn't erase well on rubber foams.

Draw on the foam and cut away!

Plant coasters (c)

Alternative ones you can do:
  • Cover the top with washi tape or make a collage. Then seal with Modpodge.
  • Paint or doodle on it.

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