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...for skin care products. ♪( ^-^)/

And general skin management. Ah regrets tsk tsk. I wasted all those time and now I have bad skin! *cry* Anyway since I'm losing weight and trying to eat as healthy as possible, I searched for more natural ways to deal with my skin as well. Here are some helpful links:
and I love reading others sharing stories of their various "experimentation" with skin care

  • Eula of Eulasleeps is a doctor by profession. I found her blog through her craft posts and found out that she's also fond of skin care products! I love reading her reviews, she's so happy and eager to find good products to use. (〃^-^)
Anyway on to the products above:
  • Facial Wash [Ponds No Blackheads] - I only use a tinsy tiny amount of this because it tends to dry my skin (especially now with the cold weather). I might switch to a different cleanser this summer. I'm back to experimenting on facial cleansers again because Loreal Pure Zone (my trusty skin care series) was discontinued.
  • Night Moisturizer for face & neck [Nivea Creme] - very greasy but it works wonders in getting rid of dry skin. I use a separate tube on my hands and feet too! However, I read it doesn't have anti-aging properties. Still I recommend keeping this in your kikay kit.
  • Day Moisturizer [Celeteque Sun care matte SPF30] - This little tube goes a long way. It gives off a white mask so I only use a small amount.
  • Facial Scrub / Exfoliate [St. Ives Apricot Scrub] - I use this 3-4 times a week. Usually when my blackheads are more prominent. I need to get a facial soon! urgh
  • Daily Sunblock [Dermplus SPF35 Sunblock]
  • Beach & Sports Sunblock [Banana Boat SPF80]
Not in picture:
    Till next month?! haha

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