Plant profile: Dieffenbachia

I usually keep flowering house plants but for a change I got these foliage ones. My Mom keeps telling me to get one of these for the longest time. She said they're easier to maintain. Luckily, while I was walking around Manila Seedling Bank, I found a store selling several foliage plants, various ferns and Bromeliads. It's really important to choose healthy plants so I suggest going around until you find one.

Dieffenbachia has large fleshy leaves on stout stalks. The sap is poisonous if ingested so keep it away if you have toddlers or pets. Want a little trivia? It was once a subject of an SNS hoax - "killer house plant". While it is indeed poisonous, the hoax was greatly exaggerated. It's perfectly safe to keep around the house. :)

my windowsill plants

Info from Dr. D.G. Hessayon's The Houseplant Expert
  • Temperature: Average or above average warmth, hates cold air draft
  • Light: Partial shade in summer, bright light in winter
  • Water: Water regularly during warm months, water sparingly during cold months
  • Air Humidity: Mist often. Surround pot with damp peat.

Common problems
  • Lower leaves yellow & wilted: cold temperature or cold air drafts
  • Loss of color: direct sunlight or excessive brightness. Move to a shadier spot.
  • Loss of leaves: cold temperature or cold air drafts. Old leaves tend to drop naturally.
  • Leaves with brown edges: cold air or compost has been allowed to dry out.
  • Stem base soft & discolored: over-watering & cold temperature.

Dieffenbachia foliage house plant

Isn't it photogenic? And strangely this photo reminds me of the movie "Borrower Arrietty". It's based on a children's novel (The Borrowers) about little people living amongt normal humans by keeping out of sight borrowing little things from them. I haven't read the book yet but it's on my never-ending to-read list. *lol* I did see the US movie version of it and I remember it being hilarious and quite fun to watch. The Japanese animated movie though is a bit serious and heartwarming. It's produced by Studio Ghibli so you can expect awesome graphics!

If you can, get your own copy or check youtube. :)

Borrower Arrietty movie

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Music Monday: You Set me Free

Origami mobile |

You set me free by Angela Miller. She's one of my favorites from American Idol season 12. She doesn't have as big a voice as the other female contestants but she sings with such emotion, it pulls you in. And she knows how to work the stage!

Whether she wins or not, I'm sure she's going to have a career after AI, she already has a style and she can write her own songs.

On another note, another Fil-Am got in! Best of luck to her too :)

Life recently... #28

Window view


Samgyupsal at Donday korean restaurant

Fish ice cream with my friend S.

1. On a good day I can see mountains from miles and miles away. Perks of living so high above everybody else. At night I don't see stars when I look up (which is sad) but there are thousands of flickering lights down below. :)

2. My ugly feet that never recovered from its super sunburned state. ( T_T)人(T_T ) Or maybe I should just embrace my uneven skin color ( '-' )

3. Samgyupsal and korean buffet...all the calories!!! My best record yet is 3 servings. No regrets. #Meat addict. Just don't forget to exercise before or after. You have to or it's gonna be bad!

4. My friend "S" and me devouring ice cream after. I love me some fish ice cream. More calories!! Har. (/ ̄ー ̄)/

How I lost 14 kg

I LOVE TO EAT. I love just about anything the "experts" say I shouldn't eat. One of the reasons I didn't start this weight loss journey sooner was because I thought I have to deprive myself and survive on rabbit food!

Well, I was wrong. I still eat whatever I want but I eat consciously and wisely.

How I lost the first 6kg: Stopped eating unhealthy food and switched to healthier ones.
  • Stopped eating fast food (i.e. Mcdo, Jollibee, etc.).
  • Removed all the processed food on the grocery list including: hotdog, maling, luncheon meat, Payless noodles, pancit canton, etc.
  • Removed all types of soda. I only drink water now. I still drink iced tea, shakes and milk tea but only a few times a month.
  • Switched from white rice to brown rice. It's a little more expensive and tedious to prepare but it makes you feel fuller. It has more nutrients and easier for your body to burn.
  • Switched from white bread to whole wheat bread. Same as above. I still eat "Pinoy bakery" favorites like cheese bread, brownies, ensaymada etc. but only 1 per day as reward. I don't eat them when I know I won't do any exercise.
  • Stopped eating junk food.

How I lost the next 5kg in 1 month: Started exercising and eating fruits & vegetables.
  • Started jogging/walking for 1 hour every day.
  • Started eating 1-2 vegetable servings each day.
  • Started eating fruits as snack.

This was a quick 5 kg drop. I admit I drastically removed any meat and rice to my diet. Also I was barely eating anything during this time for about 2 weeks. I was going through a difficult time. (^_^;")> Anyway I still made sure I was not totally out of nutrients. I ate fruits, whole wheat bread, my favorite sandwich spread, Subway sandwich *lol* and lots of water.

How I lost the next 3kg in 2 months: This was a veryyyyy slow drop.
  • Eating anything I want as long as it's within my 1200 calorie goal a day. (I joined MyFitnessPal, it let's you log everything you eat and it has a very helpful community of others going through the same fitness problems as you.)
  • Drink 8 glasses of water (this also makes your skin less oily)
  • I do 40-50mins endurance run on the treadmill + 10-30mins on a stationary bike.

How I plan to lose the last 5kg:
  • Increase calorie levels to 1400 calorie per day.
  • Eat more fruits & vegetables.
  • Less bread. *lol* 
  • Re-plan my grocery list & daily diet.
  • Increase protein intake + metabolism + immune system boosting foods.
  • Eat a proper breakfast.
  • Increase strength training to 3-4 times a week.
  • Do sprints on the treadmill instead of endurance run.
  • Play badminton twice or thrice a week.
  • Go swimming once a week.

Got tips for losing weight?, leave me a comment below :)

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Pom poms and Vine app

This mailswap thing is quite addicting. *hehe* I got these from Nike (lovenikita). She's a crochet jewelry artist. I love her latest collection - wood, beads and yarn. But it's the heart pins that I fell in love with!!

Thanks Nike! :)

Mailswap from lovenikita

So there's a new SNS app called Vine where you share 6 second looping videos. You can do all this on your phone or Ipad. Shoot, pause, then switch to a different frame so it's perfect for people like me who don't know how to edit videos. I already made 2 random videos the day I signed up. *haha*

Also I made A LOT of fluffy pom pom's

Liebster Award Jan 2013 from Andrea

I was watching 24hrs the other day and it made me feel inadequate. ( ゚д゚) ・・・ In 24 hours Jack Bauer saved 1679834332 people including the US president, uncovered a terrorist plot, and became a triple agent. Is it because  he doesn't eat? Or take a bath? Or clean the house? Domesticity is taking over my life. ( T-T) *sigh*

/end rant. *haha* This is my excuse for the lack of blog updates. :p

Oh and sorry Andrea for the lateness of this post. Thanks for the award ( ^-^)v

Here are the rules:
Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the awarder’s 11 questions.
Ask 11 questions of your own.
Nominate 11 bloggers.

11 facts about me

1. I'm an only child. It's just me and my Mom. I love her!!! <3
2. In grade school, I was addicted to Sailor Moon. I was in a group of 5 girls and we each claimed one SM member. I was Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love and Beauty. *ambisyosa lang* haha!
3. In high school, I loved stargazing. I used to keep a "star diary" with drawings of constellations. I waited for eclipses, meteor showers and other celestial events. Since I moved to Manila, I haven't had a chance to do this again. Too much light :(

4. I love plants but they die on me. ( T-T) *huhu wai!?* 
5. I love nature. I collect rocks, seashells, dead twigs and flowers. I'm trying to learn how to dry flowers properly.

My old plants.

Happy Valentine's Day

Heart Origami by

I used to fuss over this day. Now, the grand gestures, flowers and chocolates just doesn't matter anymore. The realization that people can easily come and go and that I'm blessed to still be with the people I love and loves me is enough. I'm happy. :)

Today there's going to be lots of eating and late night date with the beau "E" and my friend "S". We're going to eat Samgeopsal *haha* then hang out at UP (fair).

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

January 2013 in pictures

Check out my first Instagram photodiary! :)

Happy New Year paper cutout (handmade by Eraser stamp cutting (handmade by Handmade cat doll by Sneak peek of my sketch book about a future project (handmade by shopping at saizen (photo from Saizen shopping haul (photo from  Playing with Washi tapes, tiny house garland (handmade by DIY art journal, first washi tape collage (handmade by Make time for crafting  (photo from testing my wooden alphabet stamps (photo from magazine cutouts  (photo from washi collage for my art journal (photo from

#2013goals Make time for crafting.
  • Happy New Year greetings and goal making. ;)
  • New hobbies + washi tape madness + tiny houses + collages for my art journal + first bookbinding attempt!
  • First presentable doll I made. I should get back to my sewing projects soon.
  • Rough sketches of a future project. A craft I've always wanted to try. Lord please give me the courage to do this before February ends!
  • Saizen shopping. Nothing beats stress than a good (and cute) bargain! Just make sure you have a vague idea of the price of the item you're buying. Otherwise you'll be burning holes on your pocket. :/
  • My washi stocks have doubled! haha. Get your washi tape fix at HeyKessy.

Trinket desk inspired by nature (photo from Gallery wall (photo from Cheap and cute rugs at saizen (photo from Lazy Sunday (photo from New shoes, unearthed my fisheye camera (photo from Mochi love (photo from Doll for my niece (photo from thrifted ceramic vase and saucers (photo from

  • random snapshots from my daily life

Solitude (photo from Going around Cubao Expo (photo from Kinda missing the rain. It still is my favorite Philippines season (photo from Getting back to a moving lifestyle (photo from Training for 5km run (photo from I want to go to the beach!! (photo from

  • I love #globalfootprint shots! Mostly because I love looking at people's shoes. haha

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Crafty Friday: Plant coasters

Plant coasters (c)

When we were renovating our place I wanted a shelf near the window for my plants and a possible crafting area but my Mom insisted on a Queen size bed. She said it was time I get a proper bed! *lol* ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ So we got a traditional wooden frame with beautiful dark brown stain on it. I loved it the moment I saw it. Yes I fall in love with inanimate objects. /end haha. We had it customized so this one is actually longer and higher than the one in the store. I love it *really* but it takes up majority of the floor space and I still want a crafting area and plant deck. (〃^-^) (^ε^)v

Just like my craft area, I realized I had space for a plant deck -- my bed's headboard! ♪☆≫ It's the perfect size and height. Also I get to appreciate the wood's beautiful stain again. It's been hidden by my bed covers and curtains for the past year. Hello again love. <3

My plants don't stay there all the time though, they get moved when it's time for me to sleep which means accidental scratching happens! (╥_╥) So I made these sunny yellow coasters to protect the wood.

Materials you will need:
Rubber foam / sheet or smooth cardboard
Craft cutting knife or Xacto knife
Scissors (regular or craft scissors)

Plant coasters (c)

Easy enough to do. Draw your design on a scrap paper beforehand because pencil marks doesn't erase well on rubber foams.

Draw on the foam and cut away!

Plant coasters (c)

Alternative ones you can do:
  • Cover the top with washi tape or make a collage. Then seal with Modpodge.
  • Paint or doodle on it.