Plant update #4

I went walking around Manila Seedling Bank last Sunday. So many blooming plants! Once again I started to dream where I'm going to put them if I had a farm garden or even a balcony sized one.

Sunday stroll at Manila Seedling Bank

Yes I killed my plants again so I bought new ones. *sobs* Anyway I know what not to do. I hope they stay alive longer.

Yellow Bromeliad, new plants

I love Bromeliads! haha I bought another one but in a different variety. The seller said it's a new breed. He talked me into buying this one. He said even if the flower died after 3 or so months, the foliage is just as pretty.

Dieffenbachia, new plants

I finally found a pretty Foliage plant. It's called Dieffenbachia. Love the name! *lol* It stands out in our red living room and my brown ceramic vase. They're meant to be! haha

Warning this is a poisonous plant if ingested, so don't buy it if you have little kids and pets around. If you're going to handle the plant's sap, wash your hands after.

African Violet, new plants

I only bought one African Violet this time. I decided against a mini greenhouse because I have no place for it. ತ_ತ Instead I put this one on the bathroom. I hope it's humid enough.

Silly me I forgot to ask the store name where I bought the Bromeliad & Dieffenbachia. It's inside a big tent, the 2nd shop you walk into. They have nice (and clean) plants. The other small shops don't bother cleaning their plants. :( Look at my African Violet. But I found this method of cleaning to be slightly effective. I'm gonna go at it again. I think they are just layers of dirt so with continues cleaning they're going to be pretty again! :)