Life recently... #26 part 1

River view from bf's room (c)


Sand texture (c)

Spent New Year's in Catanauan, Quezon province. Two weeks of sun, sea and fresh fish. (^_^)v

Having grown up in Nueva Ecija, going to the sea is a cause for huge celebration in my family. haha. It meant traveling to neighboring provinces like Pangasinan or La Union every summer.  The novelty has worn off for the beau though. All these (points to all the pictures) he has seen a thousand times already. He's amused by how excited I am ( >.<) every time I catch a glimpse of the sea. haha

Honestly~ I can live here forever!

Coconut trees line the coastline (c)

Sea shells, My kind of litter <3 (c)

Global footprint, in the sand  (c)

Rocks coated with shells (c)

Mangroves (c)

Mangroves! First time I saw them planted near the sea. I thought they're planted on rivers. << *noob mode* haha

Mangroves (c)

Mangroves (c)