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"Encounters set in the witching hours of Tokyo between midnight and dawn" says the tagline of After Dark the first Murakami book I read. I have had periods in my life where I became overly introverted. I disliked being around people. It's too much for my senses so I sleep when everyone else is awake. I also acquired the habit of hanging out at 7/11 at 2AM in the morning a.k.a my vampire days. (* ^-^)  I knew it was a bad habit but I loved the feeling of walking on a deserted street pretending I was on a scene from Vanilla Sky. From time to time I still miss it but definitely not the physical and emotional side-effects. (^-^;")ゞ It's amazing how many books talk about this feeling, mostly books about insomniacs and their adventures. After Dark is one of his easy read books, recommended for a newbie Murakami reader.

Haruki Murakami paper back edition covers (c)

His books talk about connections, solitude, and the kind of loneliness you get from trying to understand life and other people. Naturally, I'm hooked! Haha.

What I talk when I talk about running (c)

As a logophile (lover of words), I love how he strings them together like sweet music to my ears.

1Q84, Haruki Murakami (c)

I admit his stories can be repetitive — lots of cats, classical & jazz music and getting lost in weird turns. Not to mention confusing, I often have to re-read or read other people's reviews to gain a complete picture of what the book is about. In the end, it doesn't matter if I don't reach any conclusion. I love going back to his stories to discover something I had not realized before.

my Haruki Murakami book collection (c)

They're wonderful to look at as well! My collection goes back and forth between Chip Kidd's US hardcover designs and John Gall's US paperback. Frankly I prefer hardcover books because the paper is less likely to turn yellow and not as fragile, but for art and Murakami I'm willing to spend more selling & re-buying the books as they age. *lol* I know crazy huh?!

I'm slowly wading through his works from the easy read ones to the more bizarre. I also recommend Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman , collection of 24 short stories, for a glimpse into Murakami's world.

Lastly, Happy birthday Murakami!!! ♪( ^-^)/★,。・:・゚ (January 12)

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