Sofia Coppola film: Virgin Suicides

I stumbled into the Sofia Coppola world because of Kirsten Dunst. I was slightly obsessed with her as a teenager. I watched ALL of her films. But this one stuck to me because it was the kind of film I like - dreamy and melancholic. And the music too adds to the dreamy landscape of the movie. But whether or not there's a definite conclusion was not important, sometimes I think I like these kind of films because I like the frustration I get from not knowing. I'm weird like that, I like to suffer. *lolz*

In college, I remember paying someone 150php to download and burn this movie into a DVD. I watched it over and over again until I got sick of it. Not sure where that DVD is now. I must have lost it from the countless times I moved apartments. I used to have the book too, but someone borrowed it and never returned it. (I hate when this happens.)

Based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides, the film narrates the events surrounding the suicides of five sisters in the suburb of Detroit during the 1970s. After the youngest sister makes an initial attempt at suicide, the sisters are put under close scrutiny by their parents, eventually being put into near-confinement, which leads to increasingly depressive and isolated behaviour. - wiki

Music Monday: Calling Eagles

My LSS for the past month.
Angels wings beating in your ear can you hear them calling eagles.


Life recently... #31

Trains have a certain charm in them don't you think? I love it when it's all empty like this. <3

This is my only form of exercise these days. (T-T) Nakakatamad mag-gym!

Sweldo? = Foodtrip!

I'm trying to save ... but it's proving very difficult ( T-T) I'm such a glutton, all my money and energy goes to food. huhu

I want to start traveling. I mean I can afford it now. *lolz* Ah but I envy other people who travel with friends, they don't spend a lot. :/ I, on the other hand, is too much of an introvert to enjoy traveling with a group. If I get a little braver I might even try the solo backpacking route. Anyway, I decided I'll try traveling with the bf (more like dragging him along -  he doesn't really like traveling). But really, I need to find a traveling buddy just in case bf is NA. :3 Any takers?

Feeling blue

When the day has ended, dare to feel as you've done your best.

Well needless to say I'm struggling at work. My stats are not improving, although the product in general is starting to get a little less tough. I know pretty much what to do and what to say. I just need to be more efficient. I still have 1 1/2 week to work on my September stats. When things get tough, get tougher! (^-^)/

September goals

Here's the obligatory "I'm still alive sorry for not posting anything" spiel. (^_^;) Life is passing by too fast. It took me 3 months to semi-adjust to my work. Honestly it's quite stressful but this is the road I chose to take so I'm re-arranging the way I think as well. Failure and Change are good!!!

Anyway, September plans...

Bought a film camera! Isn't he gorgeous~  his name is Mino. I pledge to stop sleeping too much so I have more time for my hobbies (^-^)v

I'm conveniently stuck at 49-50kgs. 2-3 more kilos to go!! Aja!

Ugh I'm waaay behind my reading list huhu (T ^ T)~~ must start ticking off some soon <3

2013 Eiga Sai

Oh hi! I'm still alive. Haha ( ^-^)/ I passed product training and nesting. I'll be with my new team tomorrow. I've been spending all my extra time studying and practicing but I was told I'm stressing myself too much carrying work into my personal time. So for my two-day off, I ate and slept. Good lord!!! All the pounds I lost during work I easily gain back in 2 days. ;3 Anyway, starting this week I plan on getting back to my old routine - blogging, reading and crafting.

Also I totally forgot about Eiga Sai!!! I'm 1 week late.  ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ I'm planning on catching a few before I go to work this week. Rinco's Restaurant sounds like the type of film I like - slow and inspiring. Kamui Gaiden has Matsuyama Kenichi in it so definitely-watching!! I might check out Dear Doctor as well, though I already downloaded the film many months ago. I just never got around to watching it. XD

Click photos above to view in full size. Also check the screening schedule here!

Blog hiatus and a career shift

I'm back! Sort of~. I will not be blogging here for a while because ..... I got a job! I've been doing freelance work all my adult life so everything will be quite foreign now that I'm working for a company. But I've always aimed to do well in anything I do so I know I'm going to be fine (or maybe I'll rant a few times on twitter *lol*).

If you're also looking for a job, I can refer you :) I will be working for Sykes in Ortigas.

Ciao for now and wish me luck! :)

P.S., Chai picked out the winner for this giveaway. Congratulations Khaylee!

Larry the bunny

sewing dolls workspace

Well here he is, finally "done". Not sure if I'll add a nose or mouth :3 I kinda like how weird he looks. He looks creepy. *lol*

Larry the bunny

Sewing dolls

Doll sketches

Actually the reason Larry looks so-not-finished is because I want to start making another type of doll - the one on the sketch. *heh* The scanner in me is acting up again. ( ̄◇ ̄)ゞ

I plan to make a collection of dolls out of my "Larry" prototype. I need to work on it more though. I think I should start on the face first. The face makes or break a doll (in my opinion) and I haven't found a signature look for my doll. I was practicing Konata eyes but my embroidery skills are really horrible! I need to practice more.

Life recently... #30

I think this kind of life is not so bad. I'm never going to be the kind of person who's out there socializing, attending events and going out with friends. I'm always going to be this person who likes indoor activities. When I do go out because I get a sudden desire to experience things, then good. The point is, I decided I'm not going to stress about life. I'm going to do everything I want, someday, tomorrow, today. I'm going to be happy for today and view my future as a guideline. Things change, people change. :)

Summer crafts: DIY dreamcatcher tutorial

diy dreamcatcher pendant

This is so addicting! I don't know what I'm going to use these dreamcatchers for though :/ should I string them up to make mobiles, garlands...or simply make a necklace?

pdf download for this tutorial

Yarn, crochet thread, leather, nylon cord etc.
metal / wood hoops*

*Mine is diy-ed from wire. Form wire on any cylinder object, wrap twice, remove, then twist them together. Make a final twist to seal the ends.

Check out my other Summer crafts:
Natural style dreamcatcher
Drying Flowers

Step 1. cover hoop with thread

Step 2. make the first stitch / loop

Step 3. Hold the previous stitch while you loop the next

Step 4. Make the second level.

Step 5. Add charms and beads.

Last step. Add a 2nd layer on the last level. Optional.

Excuse my ugleh nail polish! ( >.<)/

Summer Crafts: Natural style Dreamcatcher

DIY natural style dreamcatcher

As much as dreamcatchers fascinate me, they also seem spooky. They are, don't you think? Especially the traditional ones with feathers and native charms. :/ I know they have their purpose. Supposedly the feathers guide good dreams down while various charms protect the person sleeping. They scare me much the same way wind chimes do. (Or maybe I just read too much. *lol*)

I might add them later if I find ones that don't scare me

But I would prefer dreamcatchers in happy colors or made from doilies! (Where do you buy doilies btw?!)

DIY natural style dreamcatcher

DIY natural style dreamcatcher

Hear my prayer
let me sleep peacefully tonight

I'm not plagued by bad dreams but I can feel my mind getting heavier. My condition is acting up again. I'm taking meds and busying myself with reading and crafts. Hopefully I'll feel better soon. :( What do you do when your own mind/body betrays you. *sigh*

Still...I will fight!

grit /n/ Firmness of mind and spirit. :)

Life recently... #29

From where I stand

from where I stand - Iron Man movie night!

Cersei is boring

Book 4 of A song of ice and fire is excruciatingly difficult to read. I'm tempted to skip Jaime & Cersei's chapters yet again which is half the book! I like the characters but I just don't care what happens to them tbh.

dekaphobe new blog template

I made this layout for Michy. I love the colors she chose - dark gray, coral and mint. :)

Spring fabric or washi tape set

Two more sets for download. I'm quite proud something productive came out of my laziness. :)
Also, there's a new look for Heyladyspring! It's summer-y orange (not used to it still) but it's only until June - then I can pinkify my blog again. *lol*

Spring social icons / buttons

Spring social icons



All rights to these designs belong to HEYLADYSPRING.COM

You are permitted to use these icon set on multiple websites YOU own.
However you are NOT allowed to share, lend, distribute, re-sell these icon set.

Refunds cannot be done due to the digital nature of this product.

Thank you for respecting and supporting my creative work. :)


New from Luna Fancy 04.08.13

Luna Fancy is accepting customized orders

As much as I want to make a Fancy Letter out of the entire alphabet. Unfortunately each one takes me 2 days to make so....I decided that letters will be available for customized orders only. :)

Fancy letter design #2 // Luna Fancy Handmade shop

I will focus on making ampersands because its my favorite logogram. v( ̄ー ̄)v

Style: Shorts and stockings

Summer style: shorts and stockings

I recently purchased a week's worth of black stockings. This is to hide my horrible looking legs. (T-T) And so I can bravely wear super short shorts. It's so hard to find denim shorts in a decent length these days. :/

Anyway....I hate summer!!! *cry*


Past: I miss rain! 

Rainy day

Present: a makeshift photo studio for Luna Fancy

Makeshift photo studio

Future: Planning at least one beach vacation.  Dreading the heat though.

collection of shells

This house #1

Daydreaming on a Sunday afternoon.

© photo credit decor8

Handmade Fancy letters

I built the core with sturdy materials so that it won't budge even if it gets tossed around the house. *lol* The fabric is from my collection of Japanese cotton. I finally had some use for them. :) Which means!!! I can shop for a new batch! *yey*

For orders / inquiries: email

Luna Fancy; Handmade letter decor

Luna Fancy; Handmade letter decor


It's funny how a few days ago I was talking about being frustrated with my current projects. Now that I finished something, I'm pumped and ready to make more! I guess I really just have to keep on creating. I don't know...maybe in the next few days, I'll be here ranting again. *lol*

At least tonight, I'll be able to sleep soundly knowing my struggles and mistakes helped me get to where I want to be. :)
Today I'll finish the final versions of my Vintage deco blocks.