Lifestyle change

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I knew this would happen , its the end of January and I still haven't done any of my 2012 goals. For me January is like a rest month ... a rest period before doing something. *lol* And so finally, I have decided I'm done wasting time. I'm (really!!) going to  start doing my list!

This post is actually just about losing weight. I read an article about a 17yr old girl who got very sick because she only ate McNuggets since she was 2 years old. Err ( ゚д゚) ・・・ that sounds a lot like me. Σ( ̄o ̄lll) Although I don't have a problem eating vegetables, my current lifestyle however makes it so easy to rely on meat, processed and fast food. (1) I can't cook ( T-T) (2) I'm lazy. (3) I have zero self control.

Initially, my diet goal is to just go back to my previous size but at my age I think I should throw away the idea of just looking good healthy. I should strive to be healthy on the inside too. I also read that this is the period where your body starts to give in to diseases etc. Actually, my mom got a kidney stone surgery in her late twenties so I'm feeling a bit like a ticking time bomb. heh

I'm using my idle time researching and piecing together a suitable lifestyle plan for a lazy person like me.

Off the top of my head, what I plan to do:
  • Definitely eat more veggies thus more trips to the market. Another reason why I like processed food is because I only have to go grocery shopping twice or thrice in a month. With veggies I'm forced to walk & travel far to get to the market and I have to do it a once or twice a week.
  • Buy running shoes. I gave away my previous pair cause I wasn't planning on doing any more exercise. *lol* 
  • Gradually increase my steps.*** Ideally to be fit you need to do 6000 steps, to lose weight 10,000 steps. So far I'm able to do 3-4k steps. Sorry naman sedentaty mode kasi ^-^;
  • Clean the house twice a day.
  • Go to the doctor. Get the essential tests.
  • Fix my sleeping habits (^-^)v *sirang plaka orz~*
Because the first step is always the hardest. I decided to just stop thinking and take the plunge. First thing I did is join Healthway. I got the Healthway Privilege card (1yr coverage) but they also gave me a Health Wallet (lifetime) all for 1200php.

I think these private clinics are awesome. (1) the branches are in major malls. (2) they have a smaller clientele (so you don't have to wait that long) (3) they have these health packages that are super cheap. Imagine 1200php and you get an annual exam, free consultations (w/ primary physicians), 20% discount on lab tests, and insurance.

Finally bought a steamer for fish and veggies.

***shoutout to Aileen who is also undergoing a lifestyle change. *yey* for BC bloggers, I found your blog just when I'm starting with my diet. hehe~


Life recently... #14

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I said things are going to slow down here but I guess I'm still able to squeeze a few posts each week.

During my semi-hiatus, I thought about why I'm even sharing these photos with people who might not even want to see them. *lol* It all comes down to "familiarity". I wanted to share bits and pieces of myself without exposing who I am entirely. You know how some bloggers have their real names and faces posted all over the internet? I did that too for some time but I realized I was exposing myself too much and its even harder to be myself in my own blog. I like that I can say what I want here without fear of being found out by people I know personally.

Plus these daily photos force me to move and do something. It might not look it but I'm practicing ways to take better photos with my phone camera. Getting a high end one might not yet be possible (^-^;).

Dimensione work table - HeyLadySpring

I COVET!!! I hope I see another table like this that is much cheaper. This one is 15k~ expensive much!


Shopping for books #2

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Trinoma Fullybooked - HeyLadySpring

Fullybooked Trinoma branch~ I like this place. Its very intimate. Only a few neighbor shops and there are plenty of chairs outside.

Neil Gaiman Coraline graphic novel - HeyLadySpring

so I ended up buying a Coraline book. (。◕‿‿◕。) I was looking for the movie tie-in version because it fitted my budget. After going to 6 bookstores...all were out of stock! Finally found one but its only available as a graphic novel. My feet were aching, I was hungry, and I wanted to accomplish something. So goodbye 680php. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

And because I felt so guilty burning through my budget like that. I did a search on ebay and found this book for half the price. Σ(゚Д゚|||) SLAP ME!!! щ(゚Д゚щ)

urgh! I'll eventually get over this~ (-’_’-) *sigh*

National bookstore angpao bags - HeyLadySpring

Went to National Book store to get an Angpao bag (thanks Ms. Daphne!). This was NBS's Chinese New Year promo. 1k worth of goodies @ 50% off. It includes all these plus a TP book of Toxicology by Jessica Hagedorn. *yey*

Lampara classic books for children - HeyLadySpring

Found these classic books for children by a local publisher Lampara books. 99php each and they have all the best classic stories.

Lampara books - HeyLadySpring

Bought a few for my nieces & nephew. I hope they like it. All these are Lampara books, even the Avatar one! I'm so happy that book publishing in the Philippines are doing good. Support local publishers when you can~ (^-^)v ミ★

Thunder dog book & wild swans - HeyLadySpring

Oh and look ( ^-^)ノ I got my Thunder Dog book and "Wild Swans" from Mom's collection~ (she likes Non-fiction books)


Sony EX72 LED tv

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OMG its here! After sailing in a cargo ship for 4 weeks, Fujimaru or Falcon has finally arrived. Yes I name my gadgets *heh* (^ー^)

He's so shiny and cool  Photobucket *yey* internet tv *yey* 3Dtv ... but truth is I can't even take it out of the box yet because 1) there's no place to put it except the floor (w/c needs a sweeping 2 times a day) and 2) idk how to set it up. |๑ ̄ლ ̄๑| Medyo noob pa ako sa high-tech na tv

HeyLadySpring Sony LED TV EX72

urgh ★★( )()( )★★ I guess ill just read the manual and stare at the box (*^з^●) /



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I have just received an email from Mom that she's sending another Balikbayan box and she's including my books! I am soooo thrilled to get it earlier than expected (she was supposed to hand carry them when she comes home this April). I've been dying to read Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book since December. I don't know~ Christmas just feels like the perfect time to read something scary. I'm trying not to read wikipedia or any detailed review about the book cause I don't want the story to get spoiled. *sigh* Me and my book moods (^ω^)ノ

Another Gaiman story that I love very much is Coraline. I watched the film but haven't read the book yet. Maybe I should pick a copy from a local bookstore? That should tide me over until my books arrive right!?

Oh and lucky! Photobucket  I found the "Making of" videos for Coraline. I'm so dense sometimes. Only found out now that this is actually a stop motion film (I thought this was all CG~) and directed by the same one who did Nightmare before Christmas. Σ( ̄o ̄lll)  orz~


Kdrama: The Moon That Embraces the Sun

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Since watching Dae Jang Geum I've been in love with period dramas.They're an interesting way to learn about korean culture and history (although some facts gets a more dramatic turn). I wouldn't say I've watched them all, probably only the popular ones. Some people may find it boring because the storyline are mostly serious. There are however sageuk dramas that are fictitious and those are the fun ones to watch.

One such fictional sageuk drama* is a novel adaptation written by the same author of Sungkyunkwan Scandal**.


The Joy of Books

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like dolls...we all know books come to life too when we're not looking. They're magical things really~


Plant profile: Nerve plant

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HeyLadySpring Garden Journal Photography

I'm really in love with this Nerve plant and the silver pail I found at Dapitan Arcade. (^-^)v I plan to give a similar one as housewarming present to my neighbors ala Japanese greeting style. I find it weird that we have lived across the hall with each other for a month and I still haven't greeted them properly.


*This one is a Fittonia argyroneura nana in pink color (also comes in white). It's the dwarf version and a lot easier to keep alive in a room setting. It has been very forgiving. It hasn't died on me yet. *laughs* I wish it would be more bushier though and with less leggy stems. I'm currently researching on this.

Secrets to Success: Partially shaded spot and average warmth. Water liberally but don't over water. Mist leaves.
—source; The House Plant Expert by Dr. D.G. Hessayon

My technique: I usually water it about once a week or once every two weeks. This is only because my pot doesn't have a drainage hole. I mist the leaves every morning.

I plan to buy a second plant of this color before I try my hand on the White-veined one.

*This post was updated on 06.01.2011.


Life recently... #13

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Dapitan Arcade ceramics - HeyLadySpring

Dapitan Arcade ceramics - HeyLadySpring

At Dapitan Arcade. Checking out the ceramics section. Just in time to catch one of these bunnies before they go out of stock. I got a white one (^-^)v


Going wireless

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My living room currently looks like this -- a nerd station -- with all these wires criss crossing across the floor. Its a total mess!

erm ... time to clean (•_•)

I plan to slowly replace my gadgets with wireless ones. I started with the Wifi modem. It cost me 2200php, an unnecessary luxury but it sure made the laptop easier to move around the house. Also paying it in installment made it less heavy on my budget.
Next was the 600php wireless mouse. ( ಥ﹏ಥ)~ oh well it has 1 year warranty so I'm reassured a bit plus bf paid for half of it. (^ε^)

Next on my purchase list is a wireless speaker. Creative D100 has pretty basic features which works for me because I just want a decent sounding loud speaker. Not a fan of bass. :/

Should I go for the black or pink one!?

I'm also thinking of replacing my home phone unit to a slim phone. The original PLDT unit requires a bigger space. I wonder why PLDT doesn't come up with slim versions of their phone! :/

Yosh! Konting tiis ulit. Try to stretch the budget. (〃^-^)

Currently obsessed with lightbox .. I made these photos with a retro filter .. I didn't want to make it too obvious that my house hasn't been cleaned in a while. ( ̄∀ ̄;)


Plant profile: Bromeliad

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Bromeliad Guzmania - HeyLadySpring

I was lucky to have walked into the plant store during a fresh delivery of this 3pc Bromeliad. They cost 180php. Super worth it cause some stores will charge you 100-120php per plant/bloom! The blooms stay an average of 3 months. (This one I'm not so sure. Mine still had its bloom after 6 months!) I read that they only bloom once in their life and grow small pups at the base before they die.

*After 6 months, two have died because of neglect. I was preparing my house for renovation and I put them in a low lit spot. Now only the pink-yellow one (below) lives. It might be nearing its end too though. The colors are fading and the leaves have ugly brown dry spots. According to The House Plant Expert, it could be because of dry air. I'm going to try if misting will revive it. I already bought a new yellow Bromeliad to replace the ones that died.

Secrets of Success: Bromeliads are tropical plants. They like bright indirect light and room temperature. Water inside the "central vase" and mist during the summer (or when you notice brown tips). Do not over water. Watering once a week may be sufficient. Occasionally feed through the leaves by misting with liquid fertilizer.

Pink Bromeliad Guzmania - HeyLadySpring

Red Bromeliad Guzmania - HeyLadySpring

They could be three different types of Bromeliad. I tried identifying them but its hard to tell which one is which. They're all Guzmania! *heh* (。・ω・)ノ゙

Too bad I didn't take note of the store number. Next time I'll do that so you guys will know where to get the same plant. I still think exploring is better. You might find something I didn't. One advise I can give you though is to buy plants outside the big tents. Somehow the plants outside are much healthier and better presented (some with free rocks & moss).

*This post was updated 07-20-2012.


Shopping for books #1

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Finally, all the books I bought from Alibris had been delivered to my Mom. I only paid a total of 1550php for 8 like-new hardbound books! Mom said they're all in good condition although I still have to check if they have markings or scribbles. They're still a good deal though, each book only cost a dollar, shipping fee took up 70% of the bill. I sent the books to my Mom in NY cause sending it straight here is as good as buying brand new books (if not more due to shipping & tax). She'll send it via balikbayan box or carry it in her luggage when she comes home this April.

I'm itching to buy a second batch but I'm trying to hold off till I get the first one. I'm also thinking of doing group-purchases cause its not easy to fill a huge balikbayan box. Mom says it takes her months to fill it up with random stuff. I'll let you guys know when I'll be doing another Alibris purchase, I'm hoping 6 people will join me (balikbayan box cost $59 via sea cargo).

Anyway...these are the titles I bought:

I'm so excited. April please come soon! (^=^)v

Note: This is not a sponsored post. This is my own buying experience from Alibris. Yes my own money. (^-^)v However, the links posted above are affiliate links which means I earn a percentage when you click them AND purchase from Alibris. Read full disclaimer here.