Desire for movement

Gym day

So guess what! I'm 5 kg less than last month. (^_^)v It's regrettable that I had to experience something horrible first before I finally force myself out of my sedentary lifestyle. Looking fit and being healthy are no longer "goals" I meant to complete off a list. This will be my life. This is my commitment to myself, "I love you and I'll take care of you."

I didn't think it was a problem for people to perceive me as weak or helpless because I don't want to have to defend myself. Do I even have to? Think whatever you want! I do admit that I struggle with a lot of things in my life, I have a lot of excess baggage, so many "feelings" and "realizations" that I can't get rid no matter how many times I get advice about it. But you know, I'm still alive despite carrying all that. My kind of strength isn't loud. I endure anything. And when I have to, I'm superwoman!

Sometimes though you have to correct other people's perception of you because it might cloud everything else that you're doing right. I wouldn't wish what I went through for any woman but every crisis has a silver lining. It felt like waking up from a deep slumber. It makes you focus on what needs to be fixed. It makes you realize what's important. My advice is to never doubt yourself. You are strong and wise. Act and talk with dignity. You will know what to do (I know right now you think you don't know what to do, the right thing will come to you when it's time). Pray for courage always. And lastly, choose to be happy. :)

Anyway...back to my weight. I still have a long way to go. I started running/jogging, going to the gym and swimming. My muscles are screaming for me to stop *lol* I need to pace it slowly. I really want to complete 1 continues lap around the UP oval but I can't seem to get past 3/4. I feel like dying after every run but I recently found out that it burns so little calories :/ Swimming burns more. *sigh* Oh well....

Slow and steady.

As for my diet, I joined MFP. I try to eat closer or a little over 1200 calories. I eat food that make me feel fuller. So I don't feel hungry despite the sudden increase in physical activity. I'm still planning my long-term diet. I love food and I don't want to have to completely avoid them for the rest of my life. So I'm trying to come up with an efficient system.

Slow and steady.