Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

Wow! It's cliché but it really feels like a dream. I have been a BIGBANG fan for almost 4 years now. I even planned to travel to South Korea at least once to attend one of their concerts because who knew that they will someday be coming here in the Philippines?! Thank you Hallyu wave and to the boys' hard work. Thank you for crossing the sea for me!- *ehem* - I mean your Filipino fans. *laughs*

Seeing photos from the Singapore leg of the tour, it finally hit me that in 3 weeks I will see them perform songs I have only watched on my computer (a billion times). My 1TB BIGBANG hard drive is super happy for me right now. Thank you for serving me well. *clap clap* I'm finally going to see them sing live!!!

Also, thank you to Samsung for making BIGBANG world tour happen. I think it's amazing that BIGBANG's tour concept (humans frozen in time) matched well with Samsung Galaxy SIII. Good call Samsung! BIGBANG is the perfect endorser for your phones! (And CNBLUE endorses Galaxy Note! #fandomcollide)

Check out Samsung's facebook page, they're giving away tickets to the concert and a limited edition BIGBANG Samsung Galaxy SIII back cover. Get it Get it Get it!

SAMSUNG BIG BANG Concert Contest Promo

If I were to choose which Samsung Galaxy SIII color fits each member, I would choose:

Pebble Blue for BIGBANG

BIGBANG Seungri, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung

Like the color blue, BIGBANG is a well liked group by both men and women of various age groups. When G-Dragon's song "That XX" received a Perfect All-Kill despite tagging it a 19+ only song. They have proved that they not only have dedicated fans (called VIP's) but also casual listeners as well.

(Royal) Blue can also represent importance or richness. Just look at the fanclub name! We're called VIP's and we follow Kpop royalty. *Yeah!* They've reached the status where they don't have to guest in various variety programs to maintain popularity; attend music shows to win awards; or promote to achieve overwhelming album sales.

Marble White for Taeyang


I pray that Taeyang do not find this post. *haha* Compared to the other members he seem to be the most innocent. It is a well-known fact that he has never been in a relationship. I guess he's just not the type to jump into one just because he likes a girl. He also doesn't have an extreme lifestyle associated with musicians. He doesn't smoke, rarely drinks or goes clubbing. He prefers to stay in the recording studio, go to church or skateboard. However, he’s not naive nor saint-like. He just lives a “good” life. He has only single-mindlessly worked on his craft for years.

G-Dragon described him as the carrot in the group (i.e. carrot & stick) because he would comfort the other members after GD scolds them.

Amber Brown for Daesung


If I have to choose between the members, then maybe I have a little more fondness towards Daesung. Despite his funny image, he is actually very shy. He has a kind and gentle nature. I don't think I've ever seen him angry but as GD said he smiles even when he's angry. This smile that never fades from his face is what pulls people in. Though it's often noted that he doesn't have an idol face, that doesn't stop him from being the most popular member.

He is someone who does his best so he wouldn’t cause trouble to anyone.

Sadly, last year he went through a very difficult time. It was one of those scenarios that seem to come out only in the movies. It's very heartbreaking when bad things happen to good people. I'm happy that he can smile and live his life again. Fighting!

Garnet Red for G-Dragon


If I want a stand-out gadget, I almost always choose one in Red. It looks expensive and 10x cooler.

I'm pretty sure every VIP will associate the color red with GD. It means strength and power. Wear a color red and you instantly stand out in the crowd which is pretty much what GD has become for South Korea. One of A Kind whether it be about his ideas, music, fashion or lifestyle. Though I think it's taking them a while to understand him. As the saying goes, a nail that sticks out gets hammered pretty badly. He says he knows what they say about him and has learned ways to deal with it.

He has given life to BIGBANG, leading it to where it is now. He burns people’s expectations. He can be overwhelming but that’s the nature of fire. You can try to tame it, it’ll go where it wants to go. Pour water on it and all that will be left is darkness.

Titanium Grey for Seungri


I have a love affair with this color. I use it all the time when I'm designing websites. Most of my clothes are various shades of grey. I used to pick out grey gadgets too but it became a popular color among my friends so I'm sticking with red or black.

It is often considered a gloomy color. If asked "what's your favorite color", it's not a very popular choice. Kinda like Seungri. He's a bit different. Very few people see his good points. I get annoyed with him sometimes too because he can be very willful and overconfident. Which is why I think he needs the other members to hold him back a bit. In the end, I remember why he is the way that he is. I remember that he’s not perfect, will make a lot of mistakes (just like me and every person on the planet), will learn from those mistakes, and will continue living his life. Besides, that confidence is also his strong point. Among the members, he's the one who has a lot of optimism and a thick shell for controversy and criticism.

Sapphire Black for T.O.P


There's no other word to describe him except, he's slick cool! Like a model walking out of a magazine.

G-Dragon and T.O.P are alike in many ways. They both share a love for fashion and hiphop music. While GD is fiery and explosive, T.O.P is calm and mysterious. He’s someone who thinks deeply about various things. Out of all the members he's the funniest, emotional, cerebral and secretive. He has often mentioned on interviews that the T.O.P that perform on stage is a character he portrays. He (nor the other members) rarely talk about his personal life. If you read his interviews and rap lyrics, you’ll get an insight on the things he values the most—his music, his character, and his privacy.

Forever VIP ♛

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