Instagram photodiary #1

Hello! Since I've switched to using my iPad camera over my phone, I have also been hanging out on instagram. Mostly just looking at photos and leaving comments.

origami paper crane mobile (c) origami paper crane using maps (c)

i. showing off my origami crane mobile.
ii. Origami using left-over bits from my Map bunting.

origami paper crane mobile (c) preparing to make BIGBANG Vip crown headband (c)

i. Spent my birthday alone because friends, bf & family were busy. And I wanted to try it out again. I used to be ok with spending it alone but as the years passed by, I think I've grown dependent on other people's company. I probably have less than 15 people I interact with in real life. Yet I still feel like withdrawing from them sometimes.

"If you're happy in your head, then solitude is blessed and alone is ok."

ii. Getting my VIP crown headband ready for BIGBANG Alive tour.

Map paper craft (c) Craft to do list (c)

i. Playing with maps.
ii. My supposed craft goals. #lazycrafter

playing with colorful paper (c) dried tree branches (c)

i. Finally unwrapped this paper set I bought 2 years ago. #paperlove #paperhoarder
ii. Pulled these out from a dead tree inside our complex. My neighbors were amused. ( >.<)

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